Friday, March 16, 2007

I did it!

I just got online to check my class grade. I got an A- on the final and that was my grade for the course as well. Yippee! I made it!

I just ordered my next class, so will have a little "spring break" here before I start up again.


Sandy said...

Congratulations!! Must feel good to rock your first class!!

Jayne said...

Good going, girlfriend.

What is your next class?
I'm trying to decide what to take after my HTML class is over. I think I need a break from programming and want to apply what I've learned before I move on.

andrea said...

I only have 2 General Ed's left, so I think I'm going to get them out of the way first. Up next: Physical Science 100. Woo hoo.

Grandma Sweat said...

Congratulations you smartie! Hey - St. George is a great place for spring break - we'll tend :)

Physical Science - what IS that? Is it like geology/biology? I've never been sure. (I stayed as far away from the science hall as I could when I was in High School). I'll bet Brandon will be interested in some of the things you're learning, don't you think? Just the conversations it will spark and seeing your textbooks - or do you have textbooks or is it all online? I'm so proud of you for jumping into this - it's very inspiring.

Hope all is well - we're basking in a beautiful spring weekend here - you an almost hear the buds pushing open on the trees. Dennis is on his walk right now. I fell asleep after church and he had to wake me up to go to choir and I'm still groggy!

Mom Sweat

Laurie said...

Congratulations Andi! This is excellent news.