Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekend fun

I love weekends. Brandon started his soccer season on Saturday. His team is the Panthers. This is his third season and he's a pretty good little player. He didn't score any goals. His team lost miserably--I think it was like 7 to 1. But, he played well and had fun.
Go, Brandon!
I don't know why they played with a pink ball.
And we didn't get his uniform until we showed up
at the game, so I didn't realize how bad he'd clash.

He's also kind of the class clown of the group.
He likes to be silly on the field to try to make his
teammates laugh. It worked.

Thanks to Greg and Nicolle, we were able to get the patio set we were looking at a couple weeks ago. We LOVE it.
Here it is!
This umbrella was the wrong one, so
we took it back but they were out of the
one we wanted, so hopefully we can get
that soon.

The weather this weekend was SO beautiful that we have eaten out here three times already. I love hearing the birds chirp in the trees and feeling the sun warm us as we eat.
Here are my cute boys getting ready to eat
our Saturday lunch tradition--tuna.
Do you think Brandon and Andrew look a lot alike?
I've heard this comment from a few people lately.

What about me and Whit?
Does she look like me?

For our Saturday night date, we went to the dollar movies to watch Pursuit of Happyness. Have you seen that? What did you think? *warning* spoilers ahead. It was very stressful for me. But not the good kind of stress, like LOST. I kept wondering if there was some huge bill that I forgot to pay and they were going to foreclose on our house. Or what would I do if Andrew died and I had to support the kids on my own? I was tense the whole time. I knew what the movie was about, but I thought we'd get to see at least a LITTLE bit of them enjoying the benefits of all his hard work. It ends abruptly after Chris gets the job. On the other hand, it was very memorable. I feel like it will stick with me. AND it made me grateful for every comfort of life that I enjoy. I am SO glad that I have never had to spend the night on the floor of a subway bathroom.

I have to give my obligatory BOO to the change for daylight savings. We were all so tired today. Brandon even took a nap, which he never does anymore. I DO love the extra daylight, just wish we could stay on this schedule year round.

Andrew woke up with a migraine this morning and missed church. He slept all morning. Can I blame that on the time change, too? He's feeling better this evening, but says he still has a brain cloud.


Grnadma Sweat said...

Hi there kids - Thanks for the great pictures. I have an idea - let's all find a political candidate whose platform will be based on no more daylight savings time. If no one else will accept the call to duty, I will consider running because I'm just like you Andrea - it drives me nuts and I don't have kids. It's just the changing that bothers me - I don't care which one we pick, let's pick this one, but then let's keeep it!

I sure missed you today - it was Wyatt's blessing - and a wonderful, wonderful day here in Utah. He was such good boy and we had lots of fun. I'll leave the details to Angie! Talk to you soon - glad Andrew got a chance to sleep of his migraine!


Jayne said...

"Brain Cloud." OK, I like that term. It perfectly describes how we felt Sunday morning.

For us, this weekend was unusually jam-packed with activity, from Friday night on through to Sunday late afternoon.

Losing that hour was TOUGH.

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea,

You have to let us know when Brandon's next game is. We would love to come and watch! David and I use to coach a kids soccer team and I am really missing it. So let us know. Hope all is going well and I love the patio set.


Paul said...

That's why Arizona is the only state that makes any sense. They spit on daylight savings time!!! hehe :)

Ang said...

Hey! We missed you soooo much yesterday! Maybe we'll see you this summer??? That would be cool. I would secretly love to come out to NC and go to the beach again . . . sigh . . . but a looong way to travel w/ a baby. (I know Cindy did it with Eli, but I'm no Cindy, and Wyatt's no Eli!! :-)

Marianne said...

I agree w/ you Paul!!!! I am constantly bragging on Arizona's-lack-of-daylight-savings-status!

As for the "brain cloud"---I love that movie. I remember going to Flagstaff for Moni's birthday and watching "Joe v. the Volcano"--were you there?

I like your patio furniture--we've been so excited looking at them in the stores now that they're set out!

Greg & Nicolle Sherwood said...

I think both Brandon AND Whitney look like you.

andrea said...

I think that's one of the reasons I get so bitter about DST. Growing up in AZ, I didn't have to deal with it until I went to BYU and was already sleep-deprived from the college lifestyle. That's a killer!

Marianne--YES, I was with you guys when we watched Joe v. the Volcano. It still makes me laugh. Andrew and I rented it not too long ago.

Amy said...

I love the patio set! I really really really want to get one too, just like yours. Thanks for all the pictures and updates. It was fun to come home after 5 days of not checking blogs and have so much to read.

Sandy said...

I heard someone say this weekend that the switch to an earlier DST (as opposed to in April & early Oct) was started by an elementary school class that wanted to have more daylight to go trick or treating on Halloween...what the heck??!! WHAT are they teaching kids in public schools these days??:)

Looks like you guys are having fun - love the new patio set!

Andi's Dad said...

Sorry, Dear Daughter, but I have to disagree with you in regards to DST. OK, I admit that it is a pain to change the clocks. But, for me, the daylight time in the Summer and the standard time in the Winter/early Spring work out great.

For example, the past few weeks (of standard time) it has been nice to have the sun coming up early. It allowed things to warm up a bit before we put the dogs outside prior to work/school, etc. Now it is nice not to have to rush and walk the dogs as soon as I get home from work as there is plenty of daylight. And for the next 6-7 months I will have plenty of daylight to go fishing after work if I so desire (of course we have to wait for the ice to melt from many of the lakes, lol).

Anyway, thought I'd throw in my 2 cents.

We need to get more people playing the NCAA bracket!! But who?