Monday, March 19, 2007

What we've been up to

I feel like I have become a maid and Andrew has become a handyman and much of our free time is spent cleaning and/or fixing stuff. Man, getting a house ready to sell is a lot of work! I've been scrubbing walls and baseboards, doing touch-up painting, organizing, de-junking.... Andrew took on a big project this weekend--repairing our shed. He had to replace a few of the decorative boards that had water damage and paint the trim. He was out there almost all day. And it was COLD here, too. I felt bad for him. Not the funnest way to spend a Saturday, but needed to be done.

I tried to find a "before" picture, but
it was such an eyesore that I intentionally
tried to keep it out of photos.
The "X"s had all the water damage
and the blue paint was peeling and faded.

We have two real estate agents that go to church with us, so we're thinking of using one of them to sell our house. We talked with both of them on the phone this week and met with one of them here at our house. We're still not quite sure which one we'll end up using. Andrew really wants to talk to a couple that we know from church who are house hunting first and see if we can sell it to them without having to use an agent(on our end) at all. The housing market is starting to pick up here, so I'm hoping to make a decision SOON.

We had a couple of beautiful, summery days before it turned cold on us. One of the days, Brandon had early release from school, so we packed snacks and bikes and headed to the park. We stayed there all afternoon. It was wonderful.

Brandon had fun on his scooter.

He found some buddies who were big Star Wars
fans, just like him. Brandon had packed 2 lightsabers
in the car and one of these boys had brought his, too.
Who brings lightsabers to the park??

Whitney had fun swinging, and swinging, and swinging some more.

Andrew and I had a really fun date on Friday night. I wish I had remembered to take my camera, but don't have any pictures. Some good friends of ours had a bunch of people over to their house to play Guitar Hero and Singstar. It was a blast. This was our first time trying Guitar Hero and Andrew wants to buy it now. He LOVED it and I thought it was fun, too, so I'm up for it. The girls rocked the boys on Singstar. Ah, yeah! It was a very fun night and went by too fast.

Brandon's soccer game got postponed because we had rain ALL DAY Friday. They rescheduled it for Sunday, so he had to miss it. Bummer.

It was a good day at church.
Here are the cuties in their church clothes.

I really enjoy teaching the YW. Most weeks I just teach the 14 and 15 year olds, but this week I had all the girls 14-18. I like having the bigger group because they are more apt to participate. We had some good discussions. They are smart girls.

Whitney started crying when it was time to go home because she didn't want to leave. She always does that when she's leaving a friend's house, when playgroup is over, when my friends babysit her... She is just a social butterfly, I guess. This was the first time it had happened after church, though. Most of us are VERY MUCH ready to go home after three hours. :) Am I really that boring here at home, Whit?


Sandy said...

I really look forward to the day when my kids cry about LEAVING church since this Sunday Josh SCREAMED about being at church for ALL of Sacrament Meeting. You're giving me hope:) Great pictures- your town looks so pretty! The shed looks great - hope the house selling goes quickly and smoothly!

Jayne said...

Did you play Guitar Hero I or II? I think we have II. What cracks me up is that my teenagers are now into the songs that I grew up with, all because of Guitar Hero.

Amy said...

Who brings light sabers to the park? 5 year olds. (-:

That's cute that Whit likes church so much.

The shed looks good. Have you guys started looking at houses yet?

andrea said...

Jayne--The version we played was Guitar Hero II, also. Very, very fun. Have you tried it with your boys?

Amy--I haven't walked through any houses yet. I have about 8 or 9 that I've found online that I want to look at. Hopefully soon. But I don't want to get my hopes up for a house and then have it sell before ours.

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrea!

I hope things are going well for you. Where are you guys looking at buying a new house? Possibly Adams Farm? If so there are a couple on a street up from ours...and one that has been on the market for a while (like 6+ months). So you might be able to get a really good deal on it...or there may just be something wrong with it! Let us know and we will keep our eyes pealed. We would love to have you as neighbors!


andrea said...

That's funny, Natalie. A couple of them on my list ARE right around the corner from you! We'll keep you posted. :)

Ang said...

Shed is looking great! How fun to be looking around at houses. I love that. When you get close you'll have to post a link on your blog to the websites so we can live vicariously thorugh you (oh the powers of the internet!)