Monday, March 05, 2007

Very fun weekend

I survived. Andrew had his first business trip last week since getting his promotion. He was gone all week and we made it! It worked out really well because some of my good friends had husbands travelling for work as well. So, we had a little group FHE over here on Friday night and had a "party dinner" (as Whitney likes to call it) on Wed night. The week flew by.

Andrew had a good trip. He went to El Salvador.
This is what the landscape looks like.
It reminds him of the Book of Mormon.

It was interesting to hear a little bit about the country. There are armed guards everywhere--in front of ATM's, in all of the shopping centers, etc. He asked the HR manager that he was training, "So, is there a lot of crime here?" He said there wasn't. Go figure. :) All of the telephone poles on one side of the road are painted in red, white, and blue stripes and the other side of the road they are painted white. When Andrew asked about it, he learned that it was part of a big political campaign a few years ago and those are the colors of two different parties. I'm glad he had a good time and am very happy to have him home!

He got back on Friday night. His flight was delayed and he missed the first game of his basketball tournament. His team lost and now their season is over. Bummer...But, it actually worked out well for our family because we had company in town!

My brother, Paul, and his wife, Daneen, and their adorable son, Carson, came to visit us this weekend. They have moved out here to the east coast and we are so excited to have family close. (Yes, it's still a 5+ hour drive, but that's just down the road for us!) It was so fun to hang out with them. We played lots of Nintendo; had a very long, intense game of Trivial Pursuit; went shopping and out to eat; and watched Nacho Libre--such a dumb, funny show. The weekend went by too fast. We're going to have to get together with them again soon.

Princess Whitney with Carson
on their horse named Bowling Pin

We watched Carson on Saturday so that Paul and Daneen could go to the temple. It was a pretty nice day, so we packed a big picnic lunch, threw the bikes in the trunk and decided to head to the park. Brandon was being a pill. I mean he was out of control. Completely disrespectful and not willing to listen. So Andrew ended up staying home with him while I took Carson and Whit to the park. I hate giving punishments like that! But not as much as I hate taking grumpy kids to do fun things that they aren't even going to enjoy. :) He fell asleep soon after we left.

It was a crack up to watch Carson feed the ducks.
He would giggle every time he hit one of them
with his bread. His laugh is very contagious.

What cute cousins! They played really well together.
I love that Carson is right in between these two and
can have fun with both Brandon and Whit.

Whitney LOVES her Uncle Paul.
This pic is actually from Dec.
I didn't get one this time.
It is SO cute how she always wants to give him
hugs, play with him, hang out with him,
and telling him "I love you!"


Amy said...

I think Carson looks just like his dad! Sounds like a fun weekend. I'm jealous of that park you guys are always going to. Is it pretty close to your house?

andrea said...

That's exactly what I said when Carson walked through the door--He is such a mini-Paul! Isn't that park great? It's about a 3 minute drive to get there. Gotta love that!

Sandy said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! El Salvador, huh? How exotic...Jake is on a business trip right now, but he just went to Casper, otherwise known as "The Ugliest, Windiest Town In Wyoming":) Glad you had fun with your brother/cousin - great pictures!

Anonymous said...

I love that the horses name is Bowling Pin. How cute! Hope everything is going well!


Ang said...

You survived your first trip! Good for you. Those long trips are the hardest. And now that I have Wyatt, I'm reminded of how much harder it is to have your husband gone with little ones at home!! But I'll get used to it. We can call and console each other when we're trying to do it all on our own! But how fun for Drew to go to El Salvador. What a cool place to visit.

Paul said...

Whitney just has good taste when it comes to her favorite relatives! :)

Laurie said...

El Salvadore looks so pretty. Your brother's comment makes me laugh. Hope you are having a great week.