Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ultimate Drive for the Cure

I had the funnest, most unexpected experience this morning. My friend, Diane, told me that the local BMW dealership was doing a promotion with the Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. They had a whole fleet of BMW's that you could test drive and for every mile that they are driven, BMW is donating $1 to the Komen Foundation. What a great cause. Diane had already taken a turn test driving and asked me if I wanted to. Do you think that's something I was going to pass up? No way!

This is the SWEET car I got to drive--the X5.

It was awesome. I LOVED it. They had mapped out a route for us to follow that was 13 miles long. Diane watched Whitney, so it was just me and my BMW with the satellite radio blaring and the open road.... Ok, so it was right around lunch time and the traffic was pretty heavy, but I still got to test the power a couple of times. And let me tell you, those things are powerful! Kind of made me rethink the whole minivan idea....Ha! This thing is no where near my price range. Plus, they drive so smoothly that I know I'd get speeding tickets--I felt like I could just barely start pushing on the gas and all of a sudden I was going 55! It was so fun to enjoy the luxury of this car for a little while without any pressure from a salesman. Really cool experience. They are taking this fleet around the country and you can register to take a test drive, too. Here is the link:

I already checked and they are not going to Utah or Wyoming--so sorry to all of my friends and family in that part of the country.


Sandy said...

What? They think ranchers and deerslayers don't want to drive BMWs?? Okay, so I don't even know anyone here who has one...nor have I ever seen one being driven the whole time I"ve lived here...but still!

Looks like fun, and a great cause:)

Buick driver in Sandy said...

But a Beemer is so YOU.
What's a few more thousands of dollars in your young life?

Ang said...

How fun!! I've never driven a car that nice before.

Mom Sweat said...

Andi - I think you have the most creative adventures of any 10 people I know. What a great experience driving that car - I just read on the internet that John Edward's wife has breast cancer that is now in her rib - it's a scary disease.

Love you - miss you!!

Amy said...

I just looked in to registering and it's not available in my area until July. I guess I'll have to wait until then to cruise around in luxery. (-: