Monday, March 26, 2007

Soccer superstar

So Brandon had his second game of the season this weekend and he rocked! It was such a turn around from the first game. His team won 13-1 and B scored six of the thirteen goals. Woo hoo! Way to go, B. Unfortunately, this was the first sporting event that Andrew didn't film. Our memory card on the camcorder was full. What luck! So here are a few still shots and one little video clip I made with my digital camera--sorry the quality is so poor.
Here he is--#7

He is kind of a cocky kid.

His celebration dances were hilarious!

The best part is when his teammate tackles him. And the way Brandon runs off with his hands in the air. What a crack up.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Brandon! Does he have a game this weekend? We would love to go and watch! Just give us a heads up.


Amy said...

What a crack up is right! I love his celebration dances. Way to go, B!

Patrick said...

Way to go B-Train!!! He looks like Ronaldinho without the buck teeth! Keep it up superstar!

Ang said...

Good on ya, Brandon!!

How did car shopping go??

Sandy said...

Great pictures and video! What a ham!

Grandma Sweat said...

Dear Brandon: Maybe you should consider becoming a soccer star instead of a NASCAR driver - what do you think? You've got great moves and you're so dang handsome out there on the field - in NASCAR you're all covered up with a helmet and hunched over in a car and you'll probably be 6' 5" anyway so I think it would get mighty uncomfortable after lap 10.
Love you,
Grandma Sweat

Brandon said...


I might play soccer superstars for half the year and play NASCAR for the other half of the year.