Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Little updates

I have so much to do. The home inspections on both our current home and the one we'll be purchasing take place tomorrow. I scrubbed and scrubbed this morning to get this place looking good, but there's still more to do. I need a break.

*I wanted to elaborate a little more on what happened with the purchase of our home. I can tell I was in a big hurry last time I posted. OK, we had narrowed it down to two homes that we really liked, right? One was a lot cheaper than the other, but was also 200 sq ft smaller. We had decided on the bigger home. We put in a low ball offer, just as a starting point for negotiations. Then the price on the smaller home was dropped by $2500 and it was such a good deal and even though it was smaller, it's still a lot bigger than the little home we're in now. So, we decided if the sellers on the brick home didn't accept our offer, we'd just go with the other one. Both Andrew and I felt good about that decision and when they counter-offered we told them no--that we'd only pay as much as we offered. I was SHOCKED to hear that they had accepted it. I think Andrew was slightly disappointed, to be honest. He would've been more comfortable with the mortgage payment on the smaller home, but knew I really wanted the brick one, so I think he agreed to put in the offer mainly because I wanted it. Then when we decided not to negotiate, he was hoping they wouldn't accept our offer. But he really does love that brick home, too, and we'll be really happy there. And will have lots of fun basketball parties in our backyard. :)

*I'm just a little bit concerned about Whitney's eyes again. They were looking so good for a while and now I'm afraid her alignment might be off again. I hope I'm wrong. We go back to Dr. Buckley at the end of June for follow-up.

*Our cruise is coming up so soon! We fly down to Florida a week from Saturday. I can't believe it. It is great timing to escape the stress of moving. So exciting. My brother and his wife and son are coming to stay with the kids for the first few days and then my mom is staying with them the rest of the week. You guys rock!

*Brandon has started t-ball season. It's so fun to watch him play. He ended up on one the same team as one of his best friends (who's mom is one of my best friends, too). That has made the games even more enjoyable.
Go Yellow Jackets!

*We went to a wedding reception this weekend out on some beautiful property and I got these cute pics of the kids I wanted to share.

Cute B

Cute W

*I just found out that an art center downtown has free admission on Wed nights, which is the same night Andrew has bishopric. So, I took the kids for the first time last week and they had a blast. It was one of those times when Whitney threw a fit when it was time to leave because she was having too much fun. I hope we can start going down there regularly.

They both love to paint, but it's one of those things
that RARELY happens at home, when it's me that has
to clean up the mess. :)


art lover in Sandy said...

Picasso, eat your heart out!

Sandy said...

New house...cruise without the kids (I'm still working on one night alone with my husband in my own bed without any kids showing up all the way til morning...)...art once a week -- sounds like FUN!!

Anna said...

Andi, when are you going to post pictures of the house? I would love to see it!! You are going to have so much fun on your cruise.

Amy said...

That looks like a super-fun art place. It's just crying out for kids to paint their hearts out.

Natalie said...

Brandon looks so cute in his baseball uniform. And that art place looks awesome? Can adults enjoy the painting as well? Where is it?

And I am up for Basketball at your new house anytime :). Maybe when we get a womens team together we can pratice there!

Ang said...

I hadn't heard about the basketball court until my parents told me. How perfect! And how great that you got a good price on the house, too. It's scary to make the leap, but I'm sure Drew will feel good about having such a great house. And a great place to play ball!

Denny & Joe said...

Such cute photos of the kids. Good luck with all of the moving preparations. Big job...

Barbara said...

What a beautiful post - the news about the house, the dashing Brandon Trey Sweat in his baseball uniform (such slim, trim, athletic hips!); the beautiful lighting on the pictures of both the kids, and then the grand slam of the paint-splattered canvas, featuring a glimpse of the back of the head of miss Whitney Amelia Sweat's waterfall of gorgeous hair!
Thanks for the update,