Friday, May 11, 2007

When Andrew's gone....

*I miss him. Especially at night after I've put the kids to bed. I usually look forward to a mean game of Scrabble or rocking out at Singstar, but have to make do with reading, blogging, scrapbooking or watching TV while he's away.

*I stayed up talking to my best friend, Marianne, until 11:45 pm--over two hours!!! We always talk for a long time, but I think that might have been a record.

*The kids only get bathed every OTHER night. Unless Whitney gets sand poured on her head, which she did one of the days. grrrrr.

*One of the nights...I am completely embarassed to admit this....I had the TV on while I was working on a Mother's Day project and was flipping back and forth between The Bachelor and The Real Wedding Crashers. Oh my gosh--I normally would not waste my time with either of those shows. You know I was desperate to just have some noise in the house.

*Cooking is so hard. It's seems annoying to cook a nice meal for just the three of us--especially when Brandon and Whit eat so little. We usually end up scrounging--spaghetti, ramen noodles, pizza, Poblano's. All of this travelling Andrew's doing might be bad for OUR health here at home. I also seem to eat more junk food. This is a really bad thing when we're only 3 weeks away from our cruise!

*I had to watch one of the best, scariest episodes of LOST all by myself. I was SO creeped out and quite proud of myself for making it through the whole thing. I still get goosebumps when friends have repeated Jacob's line..."Help me!" Even typing it gave me the chills!

*I end up talking on the phone a Andrew, friends, and family all over. That part's fun. Although Andrew's not normally much of a phone talker. He usually keeps calls to 3 minutes or less. When he's gone for a whole week, though, I can sometimes get a 15 or 20 minute conversation out of him.

*I also end up staying up late almost every night. What's up with that? Andrew's the night owl in the family and I enjoy my sleep, but I always seem to get to bed a little later than usual when he's away.

*I got to babysit for friends two different nights. This only helped feed my baby hunger.

So, if you haven't guessed, Andrew was gone again this week. That makes two weeks in a row. The time has passed quickly, though, and we'll be happy to have him home for more than two days this time. The kids have been really good. They helped a lot around the house and have gotten along with each other for the most part. Phew.


Carrie said...

It's no comparison of course, but when I am working at home during the day sometimes I will turn on the TV for noise too. I put on the shows most likely NOT to distract me from my work. For example, "Judge Judy, Infomercials, Dr. Keith Ablow, etc." Mindless and strange shows, I know. : )

Anyway, it's helps fill the house with a noise besides my dogs snoring. I am glad he will be home soon. If you need anything, don't hesitate to call.

Congratulations on selling your house!!!!

Sandy said...

I can just say "ME TOO!!" to about everything you posted- the staying up late, watching lame shows while scrapbooking (I don't think it helps my creative energy...), not eating good, 3 minute phone calls, etc. when my husband is gone -- the Twilight Zone similarities just keep on coming! (we had some real estate stuff this weekend, too...adding to the eeriness...I'll post about that on my blog later today probably)

Shelley said...

I don't sleep well at ALL when Michael's out of town. He was home Wednesday for that episode of LOST but then gone Thursday. I was so creeped out the whole night. Yay for husbands who make us feel safe!

Ang said...

Andi, I hear ya. I always say that I feel like a teenager whose parents are out of town when Forrest is gone and I stay up way too late doing mindless things and then pay for it in the morning? Why is this? He's a lot more disciplined about going to bed than I am, though--and I know that Andrew is more of a night owl. I too talk on the phone a lot, and bathing has become much rarer (especially since the advent of Wyatt. But my kids are older and can take showers in the morning if it's a must). Don't even get me started on cooking. I'll make simple things like tacos, but I don't cook much when he's gone. Chicken noodle soup and stuff like that. And I, too, was watching the creepy Lost episode all alone!!! I don't get scared very easily and I even though it was creepy. Locke can't really be dead, though. I heard a conspiracy theory that somebody who tivoed the show slowed it down and there was a flash of Joshua in the chair . . . and that he looked like Locke. Weird.

Denny & Joe said...

My life goes into a downward spiral when Joe's out of town. I eat things like frozen burritos with ketchup or tuna straight from the can. I keep all the lights on at night and sleep in my clothes in the event an intruder appears and I need to make a quick getaway. Sometimes I leave the TV on all night. I admit I do like watching the odd chicky movies that I'd never watch if Joe were home. (Last time he was gone I think I watched some show about a woman whose next-door neighbor drills a hole in her bathroom ceiling and then gets up in her crawlspace to spy on her). It is always a happy day when Joe returns and I can revert to my quasi-industrious self.

Natalie said...

I always get scared at night when David is away. I start to hear noises and stare out the window into the dark night and wonder if someone is staring back. Mostly I think I freak myself out. Thank goodness for husbands!