Thursday, May 17, 2007

Party day

Today was a great day. I almost felt like it should've been a vacation or something because it was so much fun. Oh, wait, Brandon came into my room at 6:15 this morning, already dressed and ready for school. It couldn't have been vacation.

After getting him on the bus (an hour later--why does he wake up SO early??), Whitney and I went with a bunch of friends to watch Sesame Street Live.
One of our friends was given a bunch of free tickets
and we got to come along! Very fun.
This was my first time seeing one of these shows.

You should've heard the audible gasps of joy when
Elmo walked out onto the stage. I think 99% of
children aged 1-3 love that guy!

It was a cute show and we had fun, but it was
a little on the long side. Our crew lost attention
for the last 10 or 15 minutes.

Then Brandon had t-ball practice this afternoon which went well. I took the kids home, went through the bedtime routine, and got them in bed ten minutes early. (I figured they could use those few extra winks with the early morning they had.) It was perfect timing because I had invited a bunch of my girlfriends over for a Girls Night IN. Andrew has been gone so much that I had missed our Girls Night OUT this month. We had a blast. Everyone brought amazing treats for us to munch on. We had a good time eating and visiting, but the real fun began when I put in Singstar. Aw, yeah. Several of my girlfriends had sworn they were just going to sit in the corner playing solitaire while the rest of us sang, but they all gave in and joined the fun.

The Red Team

The Blue Team

We had plenty of laughs and I think most of them would even do it again if I asked them to. Maybe next time I have them over, we'll have a little more space to really show our moves. We went ahead and put in an offer on the brick house tonight. I'm kind of nervous about it, but hope the negotiations go well. We should hear back from them tomorrow.


avid fan in Sandy said...

It's against my politics, but in this case, I'll cast my vote for

Grandma Sweat said...

Good grief Andrea - you have so much going on that when I check your blog you've had 3 postings go by, sold your house, put an offer on the red brick (yay) one and had a heckuva party at your house and announced that Brandon needs glasses and have a picture of Whitney at Sesame Street Live where she looks so old that I didn't recognize her!
Love you,
Grandma Sweat

Greg & Nicolle Sherwood said...

The Brick house, what about the basketball house?


Jayne said...

It was a great party, in spite of the fact that I can't sing AT ALL. So wouldn't you know that the game kept pairing me off to sing against against Andrea? Ouch.

But it was fun and it's always good to do something new and different.
Red Team Rocks!

Ang said...

Andi, you always have so much fun. I wish I could have come to your girls night in!!!

Let's go brick house!!

Amy said...

Whitney looks so old in that picture. Although she always looks older than I expect. I bet you're glad you decided to buy Singstar. You're making me want to get it. I can't wait to hear about the house.

Greg & Nicolle Sherwood said...

Don't miss your girls nights out! You can call Greg and I and we can watch Brandon and Whitney!

Sandy said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! I still haven't experienced Singstar...maybe one of these days (I think if I ever got that game, I'd have to let Jake get a wii, though..)