Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

Ah, Mother's Day. The one day out of the year when I get much more recognition than I deserve for the little things that I try to do every day. Sweet. I'll take it.

These two cuties make all the hard work worth it.
(Or at least most days.)

On Friday, Brandon's school invited all the kindergarten moms to come in for a Mommy's Tea time. (There was no tea involved, but that was a good thing for me.) We got bagels and orange juice and spent a little time with the kids in their room.

Brandon made this CUTE poodle card for me.

And all of the kids had drawn portraits
of their moms that were hanging in the hall.
Brandon did a pretty good job, huh?
I love my earrings the best.
He knows I like to accessorize!
What about my eyes? They're kind
of hypnotic.

On Sunday, my morning started off really well. Andrew made me waffles with cantaloupe for breakfast. He did the BEST job on picking out gifts for me. Andrew is not known for surprises. I always manage to find out the gifts that he chooses for me. Not this time. He did awesome. While he was in California last week, our good friend Mandi helped him pick out a cute, funky shirt for me. And he also got me a gift certificate for a massage! I was SOOOOO impressed. I've never gotten a massage at a spa before and I can't wait.

Here was the pic Whit drew of me
for one of my cards. Brandon helped her
with the body and the pupils.

Andrew got to drive to and home from church with us, which was wonderful--no meetings again. But church itself was a nightmare. Whitney was not on her best behavior, and Brandon was flat out terrible. I couldn't believe it. It was probably the worst Sacrament mtg I've had in a year. I kept telling B, "You're not allowed to be bad! It's Mother's Day." It didn't work. I had to take them out in the hall three times and that doesn't count the potty break. I was bummed.

After church, Andrew made me a nice dinner and had gotten a cheescake for dessert. It rocked. He's so awesome. While the rest of us were taking naps, Brandon took an hour of quiet time and then got up and drew these two cards for me. (I guess he was feeling bad for how he acted in church.)
"Mom, your love is my best
treasure of all. I love you, Mom."
Doesn't that just melt your heart?
What a sweetheart. The picture is of
him as a pirate opening a treasure
chest with my love inside. He's saying, "Wow"

He also made this card. It folds in half.
Such a cute boy when he wants to be.

(On a side note, the appraiser came this morning and said we should know the results by tomorrow or Wed.)


Natalie said...

The cards and pictures are adorable! Brandon's second card is especially clever! I hope you had a great mother's Day!


Amy said...

Brandon's cards are very impressive. I think they're better than a few that went to my card making class. What a sweetie!

Laurie said...

Those are the cutest cards, and Andrew definitely did the day up right. Yay for you! You deserve it.

I hope all the housing stuff works out well.

Barbara said...

Whitney is a princess in yellow - and pink, and blue and green for that matter. Brandon's cards are so darn cute I can hardly stand it - I love the way he colored the hearts on that last one - that took a LOT of effort (while you were sleeping off the effects of his naughty church day).
Love you - Have a great week.
Let us know what happens in the house experience as the week progresses!
Mom Sweat

Ang said...

You gotta love Brandon. (And I do.) And I also love Whit. And you. And Drew.

Sandy said...

Those cards are awesome! Can't wait until my kids learn to write...:)