Thursday, May 31, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes--May

Ok, so this is a very small installment. I don't think it's because the kids were less witty, but because I was less attentive. I've had a few things on my mind, ya know? Hope you get at least a smile out of these little bits.

May 14th--We were sitting around the dinner table and asking Brandon about his day at school. One of the best parts is hearing what he did out on the playground. Tonight he told us that he and his friends played "Superbabies."
Drew: "How do you play that?"
B: "We just pretend we're babies with super powers."
Drew: "What super powers did you have?"
B: "Just plain Milk Force and Electric Force."
Drew: "What do you do with your powers?"
B: "Hurt bad guys and stuff. Shock them with the Electric Milk Force."
I could see this turning into a bad movie some day.

May 27th--Whitney was looking super-fly in a new church outfit today. I overheard her get several compliments. After church I asked, "Did lots of people tell you that you looked pretty today?" She quickly replied, "Yea." Then got a sad look on her face and said, "But nobody said I looked beautiful." Whoa. Never satisfied.
Pretty...or beautiful?

May 27th--Andrew woke up from a much-needed Sunday afternoon nap and was lying on the couch trying to clear the cobwebs. B-train snuggled up with him for a minute and said, "Ew. What's that smell?" Andrew said, "My breath?" B replied, "You need some Orbit or something." Ouch.

May 29th--This is one of those things that probably only grandmas and aunts will enjoy, but I thought it was cute. Whitney is really into singing and will walk around pretending she's a princess and singing various songs from Disney movies. Here's her Belle impression:


Shannon said...

I think Whitney's right. There MUST be more than this por-ben-chul life!

Greg & Nicolle Sherwood said...

I am neither a grandma nor an aunt, and I LOVED that video. Watch out, Kristin Chenowith, Whitney is going to be a bigger broadway star than you!

Sandy said...

What a cute video! Love the "Bi-jour" and "porbential" life! She's got awfully good pitch for such a little kid, too! Gee, wonder where she got that from??

We got a kick out of the "milk power", too -- maybe that one would better to not ask for a more detailed explanation...:)

Jeremy said...

Man, just a little too late with the milk force and electric force powers. I could have totally worked those into my script. Oh well, when I win, I can make the necessary changes.

Natalie said...

Whitney is going to break hearts one day! And the super babies idea was too cute. Where do kids come up with this stuff?

Amy said...

That video is darling. I love ensemble she's wearing as well.

Ang said...

I think both B-Jour and milk power should be added to the dictionary :-).

Barbara said...

I foresee Whitney being one of the real princesses at Disneyland some day - getting her picture taken with scads of little girls who are the age she is right now. What a darling video - I think she's not just Scandinavian and Mexicana but there's some French blood mixed in there too!