Tuesday, May 15, 2007

No glasses....yet

Brandon had his first appt at the eye doctor yesterday. We have spent more time than just about anyone I know in the eye doctor's office, but he had never been in the BIG chair. He was so cute and was a very big boy even through getting his eyes dilated.

He got to wear these cool old man
shades when we left.

So, he is near sighted and as an astigmatism, but his doctor decided not to prescribe glasses yet. She asked if he has problems in school or complains of headaches. I said no to both. She said he has functional vision, but can't see real far away. As long as he continues to do well in school, she doesn't want him to wear glasses. She said in 1st grade, he needs to sit at the front of the classroom and if he complains of not being able to read the board, we'll fit him for glasses. He was kind of disappointed, but I was relieved. I have a feeling that as soon he starts wearing them, we will be replacing them often. His doctor said they make some that are nearly indestructible, but knowing Brandon, he'll figure out why they say "nearly." (Or he'll just lose them in the abyss of toys and papers under his bed.)

Glasses are definitely in his future, but I'm glad we can put it off for a little while.


sandy said...

Awesome shades man!

I need to get ME some of those indestructible glasses!!

Ang said...

He can talk to his cousin Ethan about the ins and outs of glasses-wearing. In the last two days Ethan has left his glasses in 1. the cupholder in the Tahoe and 2. hooked inside the netting of the trampoline enclosure.

And he's 10.

But he still hasn't lost OR broken them, and it's been almost a year. So there is hope.

Natalie said...

That picture is sooo cute! He looks adorable! I bet Brandon would look super cute in a pair of glasses.


Amy said...

Lookin' good B. I guess with you and Andrew as parents you weren't to surprised by the diagnosis. How old were you when you got glasses?

andrea said...

You're right, Amy. I started wearing glasses in 2nd grade. But I was kind of hoping the kids would be like Andrew and not have to get them until adulthood. No such luck.