Friday, February 29, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes--February

Have you ever seen a bigger
chalk drawing than this?
At least one made by a 6 and a 3 year old?
(BTW, that's a friend next to Brandon.
Whit hasn't changed that much!)

2/3--Brandon and Andrew were out in the backyard this afternoon and a couple of neighbor boys came over to play. In the midst of their typical rough-housing, B used a word that he shouldn't have used. Not a cuss word, but a slang word that is definitely not appropriate. Andrew said something along the lines of, "Brandon, I hope that's not the way you talk in front of your friends to try to look tough."
Brandon's reply: "Dad, there's so much about my life that you don't understand."
Wait a second--how old are you, B?

2/3--After eating a REALLY big lunch today I said, "Whit, you must've been starving!"
W: What's "starving?"
Me: It means being really hungry.
W: I think EVERYONE'S starving.
B: Everyone in the world? No way. There are some people who sit on the couch and watch TV and eat Cheetos all day.

2/5--Whitney is really into telling me ALL the things she wants to be when she grows up. Right now she's up to five: a ballerina, a dentist, a cooker, a music leader, and a cheerleader. We talk about this regularly and she'll hold up all five fingers and try to remember all the five things that she has decided.

LOTS of things on her to-do list

2/7--I love asking my kids about their dreams from the previous night. Whitney's been going through this phase, though, where she forgot what a dream was. She watched a Hello Kitty movie where it showed dreams as clouds that came into Kitty's room, so Whit has said, "Yea, I saw my dreams in my room last night," for the past few weeks, but has no other words to describe them. Well, this morning they both remembered and here's what they told me.

B: I dreamed I was playing Guitar Hero on Expert and I only had one song left--Through the Fire and Flames. Right as I was getting ready to play it, my alarm went off and I thought, "Hey, that's not the right song!" But it was really my alarm.

Not only does he ROCK on Guitar Hero,
now he's dreaming about it.

W: I had a dream about a chick. And it hatched out of an egg and made a mess. And it was in a barn. And the barn had a couch and chairs, just like our house.

2/10--Whitney added a sixth aspiration to her list. Tonight we were watching a DVD that her Aunt Celeste sent from her latest scuba diving trip to the Philippines. Whit was apparently entranced because now she wants to be a scuba diver when she grows up, too.

2/13--I walk B out to the bus stop every morning. Usually I just slip on a pair of jogging pants and we go. Today I had time to actually get dressed in normal clothes before we left. B is very perceptive and when I came down the stairs the first thing he said was, "Mom, you look nice today!" Wasn't that sweet?

2/16--Not only is B perceptive about what I wear, he has also started noticing armpit hair in men. It's so interesting to me. I don't think I noticed it until I was in high school and some of my friends starting getting it. He saw a picture of a pro b-ball player on the cover of a magazine and the way the photo was shot, it looked like the man didn't have any armpit hair. Brandon was disgusted. "Mom, Troy from High School Musical has hair in his armpits and this man in the NBA doesn't! Can you believe that?"

When will I get my armpit hair?

2/18--W remembered her dream again today: "I was a real Cinderella. I lost my jewelry. I pulled up my sleeve and there was an earring on my arm."

Me: Was it a good dream?

W: No. It was a SCARY dream.

2/20--B was looking through a book that had paintings from several famous artists. One of them was this one by Mark Rothko:

Yellow, Red, on Orange

This was B's commentary: Why would you spend hours making this? I could do this. Why would someone pay twenty thousand dollars for that?
I guess he's like his parents. We don't "get" abstract art either.

2/22--This one came out of nowhere.
B: Mom, do you know the bad thing about being fat and playing basketball?
Me: (not sure if I want to hear this) What?
B: When you jump, your fat might jiggle and they might call a foul on you.
I guess that's a good reason for me to avoid the b-ball court at all costs right now.

2/26--Deep thoughts from the backseat of the minivan...
W: Dad is a worker. He works every day.
Me: What's mom?
W: A teacher.
That pretty well sums it up, huh?

2/27--Today was one of the days my kids look forward to with great anticipation every six months--visits to the dentist! (I'm not even being facetious, people.) The dentist was quizzing Whit and asked her how often she brushes her teeth. With all her confidence, she boldly answered, "Twice a year!" The dentist and hygienist both got a kick out of that one.

It's a miracle! I brush twice a year
and still no cavities!
[Yes, her shoes are on the wrong feet.
She sometimes prefers it that way.]

2/27--W is reaching the super-inquisitive phase and today asked, "Mom, have you ever heard of a person with fifty hundred heads?"

2/29--After hearing a DJ talk about it on the radio, Whit said, "Mom, is it Leap Day today?"
Me: "Yes, honey. It IS Leap Day."
W: "Well, we better start leaping....[long pause]....What IS Leap Day?"


Anonymous said...

"Leapin lizards, Sandy...."
If you can remember who was always saying that, you're a comic strip historian.

Barbara said...

Honestly, I forget every month that we're going to get treated to this until I log on. Thank you thank you thank you!
I think Whit looks like Amy in that dentist chair picture!

Ang said...

I think Leap Day SHOULD entail a lot of jumping. And Troy from High School Musical DOES have a lot of armpit hair. Great post!

carrie said...

i love these posts. kids really do say the darndest things.

The Normal Mormon Husband said...

You definitely saved the best for last with the Leap Day comment. I got a good chuckle out of that. When Brandon gave me the, "you don't understand" retort I almost sat him down and played the Fresh Prince's "Parents Just Don't Understand" to explain that his generation is not the first to think such thoughts. Instead, I think I just gave him a noogie until he agreed that I do in fact understand his life. - Andrew

Destinee said...

I haven't had much time to comment lately but I absolutely love your blog. It is guaranteed to make me laugh! And you have some great post ideas! I love the one about yours and Andrew's story! I think Andrew not "understanding" Brandon takes the cake! How hilarious!

Sandy said...

I love this post every month! Your kids are so funny!

Lani and Eric said...

I love it, aren't they entertaining?

Laurie said...

Your kids seriously say the best things.

Natalie said...

This was a funny month. I love hearing about their dreams. And so funny that Brandon told Andrew that there is so much he doesn't understand about his life. I cracked up when I read that one! And the fat people playing basketball comment was so strange. Where does he come up with this stuff?

Marianne said...

Oh....what a fun way to start my Monday morning! I love this monthly posting! Your kids sounds healthy and happy! :)

Amy said...

Do you think Whitney's having pregnancy-related dreams with you?

I sure hope I look like Whit in that dentist picture - she's a cutie! And I'm always impressed with how observant Brandon is.

Steph y John said...

Andy! I think that's what we called you. This is Stephanie Kjelstrom from Tucson, Butterfield days. I stumbled upon your husbands blog-which seems to be famous. So fun that I found you. here is our blog:, also have links to the Laytons and Howards.

Steph y John said...

Here is the requested update, no you don't have to go through our archives, we were in Tucson 3 years-Jeff was born there, John graduated from UofA in finance, then off to Irvine, CA for a year and a half. But it was too expensive so we moved to Denver area (Highlands Ranch). John is a commercial real estate appraiser, I get to stay home with the kids. Jeffrey is 4, Sammy is almost 2. We are really liking it here and expect to stay for years to come.