Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A first for W

Today was a big day for little Miss Whitney. She got her first haircut!!! Yes, she is 4+ years old and has never had one. I just loved her long flowing locks and never wanted to chop them. Now that I have another dependent little one that takes a lot of time in the mornings (well, actually, all day and night), I've noticed that poor Whit has been walking around with crazy hair most days.
Here's an example.
Super cute girl...

even with wild-woman-of-borneo hair.

So I talked to her about it and we decided it was time. When she agreed that she was ready to take this big step, she wanted to go all out. She told me, "I want to use that massage-er thing." What massage-er thing? "That thing you use when you cut the boys' hair." Yea, she meant the hair clippers. I told her that was only to cut hair REALLY short and we just wanted a trim for her.
My friend, Michelle, cuts my hair,
so I asked her to do the honor.
W was pretty cooperative.
She just needed to be reminded
several times to hold her head still.
"Can I move my arms?"

And here's the AFTER shot.

She took about 4 inches off.
I love it and Whit seems happy with it, too.
It's still long enough to do fun things with.
But doesn't look as unruly...yet.


Natalie said...

Wow I can't believe this was Whit's first hair cut! Who knew all that hair had been growing since day 1. She looks super cute with her new do!

Ang said...

It looks beautiful!! And I must say, you scared me a bit when you said Whit wanted to use the clippers. I had visions of Natalie Portman in "V for Vendetta!", so I was relieved to scroll down and see the after shot :-). She's such a cutie.

Sandy said...

Very cute!! I'm sure its not as hot for the rest of the summer, either! Hate to break it to you, though, even girls with short hair (my girls) can get some pretty unruly nests going in their hair...I just bought them each their own bottle of detangler spray and showed them how to use it:)

Love the new 'do, though! Very grown up!