Thursday, July 31, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes--July

7/2--B went shopping with his Grandma today. She took him to Target to pick out a birthday gift. Grandma got a glimpse of what it's like to shop in our family. Brandon walked through every aisle of the toy department and examined just about every toy. She was tickled that he would say things like, "Look at this, Grandma. There are only two guys in here and it's $12.99 That's such a rip off!"

Yep, training him well to be a bargain hunter.

7/3--Whit walked by her Grandpa today (who happened to have bare feet) and said, "Grandpa, your feet are NOT beautiful."
Gpa, "Why not?"
W, "Because they're OLD."
Gpa, "Well, what's wrong with them?"
W, "They are NOT normal."

But MY feet are gorgeous!

7/8--W and I just had a fun conversation.
W: When I grow up, I'm going to have a son named Carlos. [Guess she wants to pay tribute to her Mexican heritage.] Mom, how old are you?
Me: Guess.
W: 15?
Me: Older.
W: 100?
Me: Younger.
W: 15?
Me: 31.
W: Guess how old my baby is? [She was playing with a doll.]
Me: She looks about 3 months old.
W: No. She's 30.
Me: 30 years???
W: No, 30 weeks.

Caroline is still making her goofy faces.

7/14--We were out in the forest today and Whitney had on Croc-like shoes that let all of the dirt in. Yuck. When we got into the car to leave she said, "I need a bath as soon as we get home. My feet are dazzlingly dirty." Wow--interesting use of the adverb.

And her teeth are strikingly white

7/22--Grandma had a really fun "Ripley's Believe It or Not" book that kept B-train occupied for long stretches of time. Today he was reading it out loud in the car to Grandma. He got to a page that was talking about the price of the body. It broke down the body into its elements, estimated the price of the sodium, potassium, etc. and guessed the worth to be a little over four bucks. B was flabbergasted. "Whatever! Our bodies are worth SO much more than that. They are priceless! They are temples!"
Grandma tried to explain that the book was just kind of trying to be funny and was just telling the price of the ingredients of our bodies.
B defended his stance, "Well, they must not know what they're talking about. They just don't know everything we know about our bodies."

Even my nose hairs are worth more than four bucks!
(Ewww...more close up than we should
EVER be to those nostrils. This was
his self-portrait for the month.)

Phew--I wasn't the only exhausted one when we got
back from our UT trip. Whit fell asleep in the middle
of the day on the bonus room floor WITH her sunglasses on.

7/25--At the dinner table, we were having a conversation about bazookas/missile launchers. What ever happened to them? It seemed like all the "bad guys" on TV had them when we were growing up and now you never hear about them anymore. Anyway....
Brandon said, "Ooh, what if they made a candy launcher and when you shot it, it unwrapped the candy?"
Whit added, "And someone could eat the candy!"

7/30--I loved listening to the small talk between Whitney and my friend, Michelle, while W was getting her hair cut. W said things like, "I love your shirt. Those roses are so pretty." And, "These walls are white." But my favorite was in the midst of the scissors chopping away at her mop she said, "That sounds like you're cutting tomatoes." Huh? Really?

While W was getting her haircut, B was playing with Michelle's sons. Afterward I asked him what they played. "We pretty much just played this big robot game."
Me: "How did you play that?"
B: "There was this imaginary door that led to the future....Well, there really was a door...but it really didn't lead to the future. And there were borgs."
Me: "What's a borg?"
B: "You know! Something that looks like a human, but it's not a human. It's like a robot."
Whoa--you lost me, buddy.


Ang said...

Classic! And Whitney's right about Grandpa's feet.

Grandma Sweat said...

Classic - I can't believe you were able to maintain OOTMOB for July while you were on your 3-week world tour! And I wish everyone could have been there when Brandon read the Ripley's book about the price of a human body - I thought, "You've been taught well little boy!"
Grandma Sweat

Classic Mama said...

Ang - oops, sorry I plagaiarized "classic" :) it was fresh on my brain after reading your comment I guess - I'd get kicked out of grad school (and I had to look up how to spell plagaiarized)

nmhusband said...

Classic OOMB! (Whoops, I ripped off both Ang and mom.) I'm always tickled to read these funny little slices of life since I'm gone 94% of the time and usually miss them. I loved the picture of W sleeping and the whole grandpa's feet comment. You rock!

Sandy said...

Awesome post, as usual! Aren't borgs from Star Trek? BTW- I love that quilt Caroline is laying on!!

Natalie said...

Your kids crack me up! The old feet part was my favorite, and those pictures are so cute. Love the one of Whit asleep on the floor!

Vlazny's said...

Your kids are hilarious, and Caden loves to follow them around. We can't wait until we can hear Caden's insight into life and be able to get a good laugh.