Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cuteness peaks

My kids go through phases when they're cuter than other times.

In fact, I go through phases like that, too. Mainly sliding down toward the "not so cute" phases these days.

Don't get me wrong, I think my kids are adorable 95% of the time, but I've found that at different times in their lives, they get more or less compliments/comments from strangers.

Brandon was a SUPER cute new baby. He started getting comments from strangers from the time he was just a couple months old. I think it lasted until he was about 3.

Oh, the cutie pie!

He had those big eyes

expressive facial features,

and handsome smile.

When he turned 4, I think he moved into "big boy" status and the comments started dropping off.

It was a little different with Whit. I think it may have been her lack of hair. But she didn't hit her first cuteness peak until she was almost two, when she finally had enough to tell for sure that she was a girl.

Then it just kept growing and she just got prettier.

It helps if she doesn't have a patch on.
(I was shocked when going through old
photos of how many of them do!)
She still gets compliments,
but they seem to be trailing off a bit.

Well, I think Caroline has officially hit her first cuteness peak. I can't believe how many strangers in public compliment her. I know all babies draw attention, but their comments change or seem more sincere. I have honestly heard from five different people, "She could be the Gerber baby!" Seems especially fitting since that's my maiden name.

I love her eyes and smile.

Of course I'm biased,
but I think those strangers are right.
She is one adorable little girl.


Megan said...

She is getting so big. Holy cow she's growing up way too fast! Of course, I'm not doing the feeding or diapering and such... :)

Julie said...

This is what I have to say about your 3 kids: cute, cute, cute!
Aunt Julie

Ang said...

I can't believe how big Caroline looks standing there! And they're all cute.

Sandy said...

She is cute - they're all cute! I she really big enough to be pushing around a stroller? WOW!

The Oregonians said...

Hey, they're our great-grandchildren; they're perfect at all stages
So are their parents.

Amy said...

I think my kids get cuter and cuter as they get older. I guess they'll probably hit a peak too sometime. I look back at old baby pictures and think "I thought that picture was so cute, but now I have way cuter ones."

Caroline looks so old!

Grandma Sweat said...

That last picture that you allege is Caroline, but I see a big girl who resembles a little baby Caroline around the eyes, wearing a bright pink dress, who lives in another universe where it's spring, when it's still the dregs of winter here in SLC - She is is cuter than a bug's ear.
Grandma Sweat

Natalie said...

All of your children are beautiful! Caroline is definately drawing my eye these days though. Too precious!