Thursday, February 05, 2009

More good news

We're on a roll here, folks. Keep the good news comin'.

Last week, Whit had her regular visit to see her favorite Pediatric Ophthalmologist. At our previous appt, he had asked us to patch two hours a day Monday-Friday. That's so hard to remember! I told him we'd probably been patching on average about 6 hours a week instead of 10, simply because we'd forget.

They tested her vision and things are looking pretty good. Her vision is equal in both eyes and she can actually see 20/20 when she uses both eyes together. Sweet! She still does not have binocular vision. Her brain switches back and forth from one eye to the other to see different things. Whichever eye she isn't using, turns out slightly. Dr. Buckley's a bit concerned about that and thinks she may need a fourth surgery to fix it in the future. But the good news is that WE'RE DONE PATCHING. For now.

We go back in May and I am totally worried that he's going to recommend patching all summer again. Prove me wrong, Whitney. Prove me wrong.

Whitney's favorite place with one of her favorite people


Laurie said...

Dr. Buckley in action. Great that she loves that place. I sure hope for you that you don't have to do patching over the summer! My girlfriend here is now doing it with her son.

If your son is normal, mine is too. I'm worried about the teenage years too. :0) But I've got it x3 boys.

The Normal Mormon Husband said...

Let's hope this little girl can get her vision fixed without another surgery. She is such a trooper!

Natalie said...

I hope things work out so she doesn't have to have another surgery.

Destiny said...

Hooray for good news.

Grandma Sweat said...

That IS good news! Way to go Whitney! Now I maybe you could post a picture of Andrew with his pain-free back, wrestling on the floor with Whitney who isn't wearing a patch :) (with the three "unbreakables" in the family cheering them on!
Mom Sweat

Angelica's Family Adventures said...

Yeah!!! It's great to hear her vision is finally doing what it's suppose to. Hopefully it sticks for a long time! It really is great that Whit likes her doctor, especially after all the eye patches.