Thursday, June 01, 2006

Brandon's big day!

Brandon and one of his teachers, Mrs. Eldred

Yippee I'm outta here!

Phew. Brandon made it through his first (and last) year of preschool without any trips to the principals office, broken bones, chipped teeth, OR suspensions. It has been such a good year for him. I remember feeling at the beginning of the year that he was kind of the "problem child." His teacher would tell me things like, "We really tried to work on his listening skills today." or "He had to sit out for a minute on the playground because he was throwing mulch at the other kids." By the end of the year, MOST days when I picked him up, I would hear, "Another great day!" It has been so fun to see him growing up and learning some of those social boundaries that come along with school.

The graduation ceremony was super cute. They all wore these little felt mortar boards. They looked adorable. The classes all sang two or three songs. Brandon's class sang "Here we come Kindergarten" to the tune of "New York, New York." "Start spreading the news. We're leaving today..." Very appropriate. They even had the kids do Rockette-like leg kicks. Brandon was into that. Their second number was "Happy Trails to you." Brandon was one of the loud singers, but not embarassingly loud like at last year's Primary program.

After the ceremony, we went with a few of his classmates and let them run around the McDonalds playland while their happy meals sat around untouched. :)

We were blessed to have such a small class (only 8 kids) and have become close friends with some of them. None of them are going with Brandon to his same elementary school, so I hope we don't lose those friendships.


Laurie said...

Adorable photos! I can't believe you and Carly have kids going to Kindergarten next year. Time flies, doesn't it. It's good to hear that mature socially as four year olds. Clayton is the one who likes to throw things at other kids as he laughs hysterically. So I'm hoping we see that maturing next year as I'm going to send him to preschool when he is 3 1/2.

Jayne said...

You are so prompt about getting those pictures up! My camera is still in the CAR from graduation day.

You bet we'll all still stay friends - I can't believe how lucky we were to have such a great group of Moms considering that there were only 8 in the class.

Of course I'm the oldest mom (eek!). And you know I was a bit of a wreck over my caboose-child graduating from preschool. It seems like I've had somebody in preschool FOREVER. Truly the end of an era for our family. Get me some Kleenex!

Grandma Sweat said...

These things belong together:
Love and marriage
Chips and salsa
Sand and surf
Scrambled eggs and Tabasco
Andrea and blogs!

This will be so much fun for everyone. Thanks for sharing everything with us. And if there's anyone else reading this, you really do have to type in those quirky words in "Word Verification" if you want to have your comments published.

Happy birthday Sunday, too.
Grandma Sweat
P.S. - I gotta love Jayne, because her camera's still in her car :)

G&G Hiatt said...

Congratulations, Brandon.
Only seven more graduations to go:
Grade school
Middle school
High school
Bachelor's degree
Master's degree
Yes, Barb, we know we have to type in those crazy letters. That's why
Joe's and my first reply never got published. Pity, too. It was a gem.