Friday, June 02, 2006

Muggy days around here

There are some days when it's not even worth it for me to do my hair in the South because it's so humid that it just poofs up into a frizz ball. This is one of those days. The air feels heavy when you walk outside. I wore my hair up halfway yesterday. You know what I mean? Where you have a small ponytail on the top and then the rest of your hair is down in the back. At the dinner table last night Brandon said, "Mom, I call that hairdo acorn head or elephant trunk." I kind of felt like I should be insulted, but it was so funny that I just laughed instead. By the way, I do realize that Brandon has gotten most of the publicity on this blog so far. (Right now he is standing over my shoulder and trying to read what I'm typing. He just said, "I don't even have a blog!") Anyway, that is mainly a result of all the events he's had going on at school. However, I decided I should write a little about our beautiful little Whitney.

She is a quirky little girl and makes me laugh all the time. She is really into sleeping with dolls and stuffed animals. It started off with a collection of 3 dolls, but has somehow snowballed into 8 or 9..I lose count. Last week she decided she needed to add a certain Sesame Street board book to the mix as well. I don't know how she can get any rest that way! And one of the funniest parts about it, is that she thinks she needs to bring EVERY stuffed animal and doll out of her room with her when she wakes up. (Wow that was a confusing sentence, hope you figured it out)

She is also very loving and complimentary. She likes to sit on my lap, facing me and will say things like, "I like your hay-er. (hair) I like your piggies(if I have my hair up). I like your mole. (and my least favorite) I like your zit." She'll do the same thing to Andrew and say, "I like your bee-ud."(beard) even though he shaves every day.

She's been wearing her patch for 5 weeks now to treat lazy eye. We go back to her doctor on Tuesday and hope for the best. She has been such an example to me throughout her whole eye ordeals. She is a trooper and never complained through surgeries, dilation, patches, or exams. She is a joy to have in our family!


Laurie said...

I'm glad to see that Whitney sleeps with a bunch of dolls and stuffed animals b/c Clayton sleeps with a teddy bear, stuffed elephant, certain blankets, and his Bob the Builder hat with all his tractors in it. Then he expects me to take it all out of bed and downstairs for him every morning where he then practically ignores it, but has to have it with him. Kids are funny. Their stuff is very comforting to them I suppose. Your kids really look like siblings. Very cute. Mine don't yet look like they belong together. We'll see. I hope you are having a fun weekend and that you have made lots of progress with Whitney's eye!

Amy H. said...

I just got caught up on all of your postings this past week and they're so fun to read! We haven't a computer for a few days while we've been moving, plus Dave's been taking his Palm to work so I've felt completely disconnected and kinda helpless. Tell Brandon congratulations on his graduation.