Thursday, June 15, 2006

Operation: Road trip

Boy, oh, boy. I have been wanting to go on a big road trip pretty much ever since we moved here and this summer it's really going to happen! Yeah!

My mom rocks and she is flying out here to make the drive all the way to Utah with me. (Thanks again, Mom!) We will be gone for 22 days, 8 of that spent on the road. On our way out, we'll make stops in Oxford, MS; Dallas, TX; and Denver, CO. We'll spend about 2 weeks in Utah, visiting with both my side and Andrew's side of the family. Then on our way back, we're going through Nebraska, up to Nauvoo, IL for a day to see church history sites, and then down to Louisville, KY and home.

Does that sound awesome or what? I had mentioned it to a couple of friends who thought I was absolutely nuts. But today I talked to two of my friends at playgroup about it and they both think it will be great. I think it will be great, too! We will end up travelling a total of about 4500 miles round trip and see places I've never been. I'm so excited!

The bad part is we'll be away from Andrew for 3 weeks. But we have cell phones and we'll talk all the time. Maybe he'll even get a chance to golf a couple of times while we're gone.

So, do you have any long road trip advice? One of the moms at baseball practice last night told me that her kids love to listen to children's books on CD's. That's something I'd never even thought of. I think Brandon would enjoy it. Of course we'll stock up on lots of cheap new toys from the Dollar Store. And my kids always love to get new treats that I never buy for them at home. We have a portable DVD player that they love, but have kind of trashed, so we might have to look into getting a new one before we leave. If you have any other creative ideas, I'd love to hear them!


Laurie said...

What a trip! How neat. It sounds like you do need a lot of car diversions that you can spread out over the span of the trip. I'd bring everything I could think of for that long a trip...print out coloring pages, etc. I'd also buy or make those travel sight games where they have to find a road sign or a fruit stand or a bus or a railroad track, etc. They make cool ones where you close the little window over teh picture if you spot the item. You could probably also make them though by printing a grid of pictures that you find on google images. think of all the possible types of things they may see on the way and include even such things as a bird, a bike, a restaurant, and then harder ones like a railroad or a tunnel, or things they are less often likely to see. You could make more than one and let them put a sticker over the picture (if you laminate them) or put the sticker next to the picture every time they see that item. We used to love doing this on road trips. Maybe some maze books or....ok I just went to google and found what I am talking about at It looks like there are a bunch you can print and a whole bunch of other road trip ideas. I just googled "road trip activities for kids." HOW FUN.

Laurie said...

Just thinking some more - I'd take a Primary song book so you can sing songs with them, and some activity books too.

Laurie said...

I can't control myself - one last comment- be sure you click on the "toddler" link on that web site b/c there are adorable ideas! I want to go on a road trip now!!

Grandma Sweat said...

Hi there! What a bombshell to read this. It will be great and unforgetable. When are you coming so I can dust?

Jayne said...

Remember I mentioned talking to a fellow tourist about Nauvoo when I was in Illinois? Even better, I looked at the map & Nauvoo is only about 50 miles north of Hannibal Missouri. I must've been in Hannibal when I met those folks... anyway if you can work it in before or after Nauvoo you will LOVE Hannibal.

There is the Tom Sawyer cave to tour, Mark Twain's home, and you can take a short ride on one of those old-fashioned paddle wheel riverboats along the Mississippi.

It was one of our favorite stops on our cross-country trip. We were on the road two weeks with three kids. At the time my youngest was only 18 months. Sure they acted up in the car sometimes (OK, a lot) but it was one of the best trips we've ever had.