Monday, June 19, 2006

Nine years

Nine years! Hard to believe. I feel too young to have been married for that long. We celebrated our ninth anniversary last week. Here are some of the other numbers from our marriage:

6 years as married students.
(Yes, we learned how to live on a budget.
A very small budget)

5 apartments. 1 house.

2 broken bones.
(One on Whitney, one on Andrew--unfortunately his went
undetected for years and required surgery to repair!)

10 times reading the Book of Mormon as a couple

3 college degrees
(if you count my associates that took me 5 1/2 years to earn!)

(see first photo)

4 cars
(two that were driven until they completely died on us)

5 bikes
(Including the Lime Rickey and the Scorcher, two real
winners that Andrew bought for 5 bucks each at the DI.)

2 trips to the ER
(both for Andrew. both since his 30th birthday.
I think his warranty has expired.)

13 scrapbooks I've completed
(and one that's about half way done)

0 yelling matches
(with Andrew. I can't count
how many I've had with Brandon.)

1 happy family


Laurie said...

Andi! I love the stats! How great that you have read the BOM 10 times together. That's AWESOME. And 13 scrapbooks! Good for you! Show us some pages sometime. That's impressive. You have a lot to show for 9 great years.

Jayne said...

Congratulations on 9 years! I'm almost (but not quite) right there with you on getting married young: married at 24 but we started dating when I was 17.

5 Houses
4 States
3 Kids

Our Reality Check:

2 parents buried (one mine, one his)
1 cancer (current challenge)

Times we've considered splitting up: ZERO

Happy, happy anniversary Andrea and Andrew!