Sunday, June 25, 2006

Uneventful weekend

I run my kids ragged all week. It is so much fun. This weekend we didn't do anything and I think it's exactly what we needed!

I had a service project at the church on Saturday morning. Our stake is participating in a Humanitarian project which includes collecting hygiene kits, children's T-shirts, and school kits, all of which will be sent to Salt Lake and then distributed throughout the world as needed. Our women's group is in charge of sewing the bags for the school kits. It started on Saturday and was supposed to last 2 hours. I took 4-H when I was a teenager, and had to help sew some bonnets for a pioneer trek a few years ago and that's about the extent of my sewing resume. I wasn't sure what to expect when I got there and figured I would just participate in ways that didn't involve a sewing machine--cutting, folding, sorting, etc. Well, there were enough of us inexperienced rookies, that we all ended up taking turns on the sewing machines. It was great! I felt so domestic! :) I didn't even break the machine and only had to have it rethreaded twice. Not bad. The two hour project was not nearly enough. We had about 15 women show up, but only about 7 machines to share. They are getting together again on Tuesday night to sew some more.

It felt good to give some of my time to a service project. I don't feel like we have enough of them in this ward. In fact, I think this is might be the first formal one I've participated in since we moved here 3 years ago! We have plenty of opportunities to serve the members in our own ward, though, so I guess it balances out.

After the project, I went shopping. I wanted to finish purchasing the road trip toys and also needed to get Brandon's birthday presents. It was so wonderful to just be able to take my time while shopping and not have to worry about the kids crying for snacks, Whitney having a stinky diaper, Brandon running away to find a certain toy, etc. Andrew was awesome to watch the kids pretty much ALL DAY. It was a very successful shopping venture.

That evening we decided to go out for Mexican food--my favorite. The kids were terrible and I was reminded why we rarely go out to a restaurant with them.

We rented Chronicles of Narnia to watch after we put the kids to bed. We saw it in the theaters, but liked it enough to watch it again. We were both too tired and didn't make it all the way through. Good thing Blockbuster lets you keep your movies for a whole week. Hopefully we can make it through the rest another night. Especially now that we don't have any TV shows to watch. Although, we may have found a couple of keepers in the past week. We watched the premier of Treasure Hunters. It is kind of like the Amazing Race. It's not as good, but is watchable. And we turned on part of Master of Champions this week, too. Brandon was an instant fan and told me yesterday that it is on again Thursday. He must've seen a preview and now I'm sure he will not let me forget. That show is kind of like a car wreck--you can't stop watching, but feel like maybe you should turn your head.

Church went well today. My friend Nicolle sat with us during Sacrament meeting. She usually does every week, but wasn't available the past two Sundays. It was great to have her back. She says she doesn't do anything, but just having her there helps a ton. Brandon is at the point where he does pretty well in church, but Whitney is difficult to keep quiet. Nicolle lets her play with her cell phone (which is basically off limits with me) and take every card and coin out of her wallet one by one which Whitney finds extremely entertaining. I didn't have to leave the chapel once during sacrament meeting and even listened a few sentences of one of the talks. That is a successfull meeting for me!

Primary was hectic, as usual, but I've come to accept that as the norm each Sunday.

We attended a baptism after church. Brandon has caught on to the routine that they serve refreshments after baptisms, so they have become one of his favorite activities to attend. Since church goes from 9-noon, staying afterward can be difficult with my the two munchkins. But Brandon really wanted to go, so I told him if he was good in church, we would stay. He was the first in line for refreshments when it was over.

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Angie said...

Hi Andi!! Just thought I'd pop by and see what was up w/ your blog. I love reading it. Right now I have two little munchkins wandering around (Eli is playing with a ruler and Jane has five Barbies in her arms. . . :-) and Jonas is playing the big brother. It's fun to have them over, and I'm sure that you gus are going to have a GREAT time with Tony and Cindy when they get there. Are you going to the beach, or is it too far away??

You were talking about the dearth of summertime tv . . . well have you been watching So You Think You Can Dance?? I certainly hope so. It's the only good tv show on right now, and the frontrunner (Benji) is a Mormon kid, so you're almost obligated. Seeing as how you're such a Dance Dance Revolution aficionado, I'd think that So You Think You Can Dance would be right up your alley. It's on Wednesday and Thursday nights (I think. Or is it Tuesday and Wednesday???)

Anyway, hope you guys are good. I love the pictures of the kids! And I'm so excited to see you when you come out on your road trip. When we went to Yuba with Tony and Cindy and my mom and dad, Jonas said, "Dang it! When can Brandon EVER come!?!?!" So he'll be excited to go boating with B.

Talk to you soon!!!!!