Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Eye STILL lazy

Darn it! Whitney had her appt at Duke today. We did not get the news we had hoped for, though it wasn't all bad, either. When we went in six weeks ago, her left(good) eye tested at 20/30 and her right eye tested at 20/100! Whoa--talk about a big difference. Her vision has improved. The left eye tested the same and her right eye was up to 20/70. Her dr. was happy with the improvement and said we just need to keep on doing what we're doing. So, that means MORE PATCHING. And he actually said we can patch more than 5 hours a day if we want, as long as she gets to use her left eye about 25% of the time. So he said we could patch her for 3 days straight, all day long and then let her go patch-free on the 4th. I think that's what we'll start doing, or at least trying. She does so well with it on, that I want to patch as much as possible and hope to see the vision equal when we go back in another 5-6 weeks. On the bright side, at least we saw improvement and know that the patching is doing something.

She is so cute and cooperative at the doctor's office. I think all the assistants and residents love her. We've been going there for about a year and a half now. This was the first time that the receptionist knew who we were before I told her. I felt loved.

I hope she doesn't end up with a funky tan line around the patch. She probably will because she tans so easily and we spend a lot of time outside.

Brandon had a baseball game tonight. He had two hits--one really good one and another kind of wimpy one. But, hey, a hit's a hit. And he had one good defensive play, too. He spent the rest of his time in the field trying to do the splits, flirting with the one little girl on his team, and asking his dad if he could have ice cream when the game was over.

I tried the new running shoes out for the first time this morning. They're nice and cushy, but came untied twice in my thirty minute jog--even though I'd tied them in double knots. After I retied them and pulled REALLY hard, they were ok. I love having that time all to myself in the mornings. I love to admire the landscaping in the neighborhood. I pass the same guy walking his basset hound every morning and we've formed sort of an early-morning-how-ya-doin bond. I've gained a pound since I started running. What is up with that???? It's not like I was hoping to lose a ton of weight, but I thought I might lose a pound or two and did not at all anticipate GAINING weight. I think I might be eating more junk at night because I rationalize, "Oh, I run now, so I can have a bigger bowl of ice cream." (Or the piece of cheesecake Andrew got me for my birthday that I'm eating right now!) I guess you need to have both sides of the equation--eat right AND exercise to stay in shape. I thought I could somehow cheat the system.


Laurie said...

I only know you as Andi! Can I still call you that? I'll do either, but it's just natural for me to call you Andi. Your bday photos weren't up when I read that post. You look so cute in those pics. I'm sorry you didn't have the progress you want. I know what a long journey a health-related challenge can be in terms of going to the doctors so often. It must be extra hard to have your little one going through it. I'm so glad for you to know that she does so well with the patch. It must be such a relief for you that she doesn't seem to suffer with it. It sounds like what progress she made is really encouraging! Thanks for letting me read your blog. I enjoy your attitude and your positive energy.

Dad said...

Sorry things didn't go as well as planned at eye doctor. I'm sure the folks in the office just adore Whitney, she is such a cutie. I enjoyed the pictures. I wanted to show your blog to the people at my work, but I guess they have all 'blogs' blocked :( I guess I'll just copy the pics and show them. Mom is having quite the time with the move. I hope she survives it all. She is insisting that this be our last move. Can't imagine why. Talk to you later, and keep running!!

andrea said...

Yes, Laurie. I still loved to be called Andi, too, so feel free!

Jayne said...

Running / Walking:

I love walking in neighborhoods because I enjoy everyone's landscaping & I'm always trying to figure out what about the design makes certain yards really eye-catching.


Even though I know that you are "supposed to" weigh yourself only once a week, I have to admit that I've weighed myself every day (unless I'm away from home) since I was 16!