Friday, August 25, 2006

The big day!

Ok, before I tell you about Brandon's first day of school today, I have to tell you about yesterday morning. On Wednesday evening, we got to go to the school and meet his teacher. Her name is Mrs. Bledsoe. She's from the UK originally and has a great accent. She seems really nice. She has been teaching for 12 years and this is her first year at his school. None of his friends from preschool or church or the neighborhood are in his class, but I think he's ok with that. So, on Wed we talked a lot about school and getting ready and what to do there, etc.

Well, on Thursday morning around 6:45 am, Brandon comes walking into our bedroom and said, "Mom, I already got dressed and ate my breakfast, but I can't find my lunchbox to pack my lunch. Do you know where it is?" It was SO cute. I was so impressed with his initiative and excitement. Too bad he was a day early! I had to break the news that school didn't start until Friday. When he found out we were going to the water park instead, he was ok with that.

OK, on to this morning. Brandon and Whitney wake up between 6:20 and 6:40 EVERY MORNING. All summer long, I think, "Maybe this will be the morning when they decide to sleep in." But it hasn't happened. Ever. That's ok. I've been trying to go to bed earlier at night so I'm not completely exhausted when they come trouncing in to my room at the break of dawn.

Well, JUST OUR was the day that both kids decided to sleep in. I woke with a start at 6:55 this morning! Oh my gosh! We only had 30 minutes to get both kids dressed and ready, feed them breakfast, pack B's lunch, and get out the door to his first day of school. We didn't quite make it and he was just a tad late, but so were a lot of other kids, so I didn't feel bad.

Brandon and Mrs. Bledsoe.
(Thanks to Dave, no more bathroom sign
right behind their heads!)

Our big kindergartner!!
Doesn't he look sharp?
He dressed himself and I was very impressed.

Everything at the school went well. He seemed excited to get started and learn a new routine. No tears or kleenexes. And even though I was a little bummed like I wrote in my last blog, it wasn't an emotional sadness, ya know? It was more of, "Oh well. Now we're in a different phase of our lives."

He'll be riding the bus home this afternoon, so I'm excited to hear all about it.
OK, this is kind of a P.S. Brandon just got home. He looks so big! I think he grew while he was gone. He had a great day. He said his favorite part of the day was REST TIME. How funny. Since they have all day kindergarten, we were asked to send in a bath sized towel for them to take a rest during the afternoon. It's just 30 minutes, so I wasn't sure if he'd fall asleep or not. He said he didn't. He also talked a lot about playing out on the playground. "There are two playgrounds. But one of them has a lot of poisonous bushes around it. Well, I don't know if they're poisonous, but there were lots of bushes. And there were like 6 different places where you could go and climb. We played monsters and chased the girls. There were like 11 boys and 3 girls." He said that both of his teachers were really nice. He liked riding the bus home and made it here safely. Woo hoo!


Laurie said...

He is adorable. How cute. I feel for you with them waking up so early. I guess you make the most of your day!

Grandma Sweat said...

Brandon looks like a 2nd-grader - he's so grown up - and his teacher looks darling - she almost looks familiar in ways!
Thanks, as always, for sharing!
Grandma Sweat

Aunt Denny said...

Sounds like Brandon had a great first day of school. He looks very spiffy in his school clothes.

Grandpa Gerber said...

Brandon looks so cute!!! Glad he had an enjoyable first day. May he have many more.

GiGi's first day with kids is tomorrow. Hope she survives. She's pretty stressed right now.

We enjoy your blog and the pics.

Take care,