Thursday, August 31, 2006

Random thoughts on Whitney

Brandon's day at school yesterday was uneventful. Yippee! (I'm guessing no news from the teacher is good news, right?) And since he's been getting so much blogging attention lately, I thought I should write a random post of Whitney thoughts.

*She has a crush on her Pediatric Opthalmologist, Dr. Buckley. I think I wrote a little about that after our last visit. But the other day we were in Sam's Club. We were waiting in line to pay. She started looking at my arm and said, "What's wrong with your arm?" I didn't think anything was wrong with it, but she was looking really closely. Then she got a mischievous little smile on her face and said, "I'm Dr. Buckley!" And started laughing. It cracked me up.

*She is WAY into American flags right now. When we go on our walks in the morning, she points out all of the flags along the way, hanging on houses or mailboxes or on license plates, etc. I never noticed what a patriotic neighborhood we had. She points and excitedly says, "An American Flag!!"

*She loves to sing. She makes up songs throughout the day about whatever's on her mind: "I am feeding my baby. I am combing my hair. The moon is outside. I like bugs." All sung to a tune that she came up with herself and changes each time. And whenever we listen to a CD of kiddie songs in the car, she will play Name That Tune with herself and will try to say the name of the song (or the movie that it came from) as soon as the song starts. She's good at it. She recognizes some of the songs before I do.

*I bought her this raincoat on clearance at the end of spring. I think it is just the cutest thing ever! And, just our luck, it was raining most of the day yesterday and all day so far today, so she finally gets to wear it. She has gotten lots of compliments.

*She has the best skin. We call her our little Mejicana(I just realized I don't even know how to spell that word! Is it supposed to have an X? Anyway, the J sounds like an H. You know what I mean.) because she definitely got more of my mom's genes than I did.

*Her favorite thing to play with right now is play-doh. She will stay in the playroom for 30-45 minutes at a time happily making pancakes and snakes and "dinner". However, she makes huge messes and it's all over the carpet in there. I found ants crawling beneath their table the other day. Sick! Who knew ants could eat playdoh? So I vacuumed really well and sprayed and might get the playdoh off the shelf after they 're gone.

*She also has started learning how to put together puzzles and that's what we did for some of our rainy day time this morning. She's at that point where puzzles can still be frustrating because she just can't figure out why those two pieces won't go together! But she's getting there.

*It's funny to hear her vocabulary because she picks up a lot of things from Brandon that most 2-year-olds wouldn't say. My personal favorite is, "I swear!" I'll say something like, "Where did you get that sticker?" Whitney:"From the playroom." Me:"Really?" Whitney: "I swear!" Cracks me up. She also is still learning to say her R's and has a slight Southern accent, I think. So it sounds like this: "I sway-uh!"

*Right now our patching routine consists of 3 days on and 1 day off. I LOVE when it's her day off. She is so pretty and that patch is just so darn distracting. It's fun to see BOTH of her dark brown eyes. And it's fun for her to just be "normal" when we're out in public.

*We went to storytime at the library this morning. We tried that a couple of times at the beginning of the year and she was just too restless to sit through it. She was such a big girl today. She sat really well through most of the 30 minutes while they read books and she participated in all of the action songs. It was adorable to watch.


Laurie said...

What a doll. Very cute hair and raincoat. She makes me want to have a girl.

These are my favorite kinds of posts. It is very fulfilling to me to jot down all the fun and funny things the kids do so that those memories are preserved.

Amy said...

She is such a cutie! What a fun post. I can't wait until Jack can walk and talk and we can go to story time at the library. It's funny that she looks a lot more Mexican than you do. She's going to love that beautiful tan smoothe skin her whole life!

Grandma Sweat said...

Hi there - finally! - Dennis figured out how to access your last 3 blogs - we have to hit "August" in the archives - I don't know why but we do. Same with Denny and Joey's blog - As Andi would say, "that's so random!" Loved the pictures of Whitney and the little snapshot of her day. I just finished with Lauren's piano lesson and now we're on our way up to Yuba Lake to spend the afternoon with Angie and Forrest and kids (and Forrest's sister Mindy and her family - they're here visiting from WAshington).
Love you - I heard that there's a hurricane battering the Carolina coasts right now - I hope it skeedaddles before next weekend!

Denny & Joe said...

What great pictures of Whitney. She looks darling in her pink coat. And I love her bangs.

Dana said...

Hi Andrea!
Just wanted to pop in and say Hi!
Your little Whitney is a DOLL!