Wednesday, August 09, 2006

They're growing up!

My kids are so much fun. They make me laugh, smile, and think. Sometimes they make me angry, too, but for the most part they are good kids. They are both growing up so much! When I was gone to Charlotte, Andrew braided Whitney's hair. I had never even tried it on her. How funny is that? It looked SOOO cute, so it's my new favorite way to comb her hair. He did one big braid in the back and I tried that yesterday, but all the front little wispy hairs were all coming out by the lunchtime, so I switched to two braids on the sides like this:

Doesn't she look cute and grown up?

I told you how excited she was to see Dr. Buckley, right? Well, the funniest part was as soon as we left the office and were walking toward the front desk she said to me, "Dr. Buckley was wearing brown." Isn't that hilarious? I didn't know she even noticed what people wear unless it has Dora or a princess on it.

Brandon is too smart for me sometimes. We were reading the scriptures together last night before bed. We are reading the Book of Mormon, in 1 Nephi where it talks a lot about Nephi's brothers murmuring. So, after we were done reading our page we talked about why we shouldn't murmur. He said, "You and dad murmur, but I never murmur." (Which, by the way is SO untrue--he does murmur quite a bit!) I said, "When do I murmur?" And he said, "When you were out weeding the garden and you found out that Whitney was in the bathroom trying to wash her hands, you murmured." Wow. He was right! I had asked Whitney to stay outside with us, but she had gone inside, locked herself in the bathroom, and made a huge mess with the soap all over the sink and countertop. I was not pleased. And apparently it made quite an impression on Brandon!

He is really into scientific stuff. He loves reading books about dinosaurs and sharks. He asks lots of good questions and remembers the things we learn. One of the fun things about leaving on vacation two days after his birthday was that he got all excited about his presents again when we got home. This volcano was one that we didn't have time to use before we left, so he was all excited about it.

Love the safety goggles!

It came with a plaster and sand mixture that you could put all around the outside to make it look authentic. It was pretty messy and when Brandon found out you had to use your hands to do it, he decided he didn't really need the realistic look--he just wanted to blow it up. It made a pretty cool eruption. As soon as it was done he said, "Let's do it again!" Maybe later...
much later.

He also loves to go on bug hunts with his dad for big boy time. Again, he loves those safety goggles. One night since we've been home, they caught the cutest little frog. Brandon named him Croaky. They made a little home for him and decided to keep him as a pet. They kept him for about five days. I felt so bad for him because I was sure he was going to die, so they finally let him go.


Angie said...

Hey Andi! I forgot to say thanks for sending me the clip of Benji and Heidi dancing . . . very cool. I love coming on to your site every once in a while because I know you'll always have something up! The pics of the kids are so cute. Whiteny seems just about three to me, not two. And Brandon does look like a little scientist in the goggles.

It's too bad that you have to patch for six more weeks, but the news overall looks good. Whitney's vision is getting better and that's the important thing!

Oh! And I LOVED LOVED LOVED your Sunday blog. I can totally relate, and I'm totally glad that's not me anymore, either. I told you that whenever I go to church now I feel like I'm somehow cheating because it's so non-stressful and wonderful. Last Sunday, the RS pianist couldn't make it so they asked me to play at the last minute and the RS counselor was falling all over herself apologizing for the "late notice" and thanking me and all that and it just made me chuckle, thinking back to all the Sundays that were just like yours where I felt like I did 5 jobs . . . (and one time my shoe broke, too, but it was at church, so I had to go shoeless. But we were kind of a kick-back primary, so it wasn't too big of a deal).

Tell Drew hi for me, and give the kids a kiss. I promise I'll get the stuffed elephant in the mail SOON. And don't forget to watch So You Think You Can Dance tonight and root for Benji!!!

Laurie said...

Cute pics. I love the one of Brandon with his goggles on. Priceless little memories!