Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Kindergarten update

Well, Brandon made it through the whole day at school yesterday. I was sitting outside on the front porch reading a book when the bus pulled up. He came climbing down the stairs like such a big boy. He was smiling and happy and told me all about his day.

They had PE. It was really fun. They did a crab walk and a kangaroo hop and clapped their hands like firecrackers. They had centers and he got to go to the magnet center and the book center, but not the computer center, which he really wanted. They listened to music during rest time, which he thought was hilarious. When I asked him if he was making friends with the kids in class he said, "Yes!" What are their names? "I can't remember." So, anyway, it sounded like he had another good day.

This morning: "I hate kindergarten. I'm not going." You've got to be kidding me! Is this going to be a fight we'll have every morning? Because I am SO not looking forward to that! He said, "Kindergarten is too long and my teacher doesn't even let me talk when we're in class! You just have to sit there being quiet!" That's a lot to ask of any 5 year old, but especially Brandon. I told him that there are times when he does need to be quiet, just like in church. He didn't buy it. And then I pretty much just told him he just needed to go and he got dressed and helped me pack his lunch and barely made it out the door before the bus passed by our house. The bus stop is supposed to be down on the corner, two houses down, but the bus driver said she would just stop in front of our house each morning. That was nice of her.

Whitney and I went on a walk after Andrew and Brandon were gone. It was a nice morning. I was thinking about how I could motivate Brandon to want to go to school in the mornings without feeling like we're having a battle royale. I think I'm going to do some sort of reward chart. If he gets himself ready and out the door before the bus comes without any whining or complaining for X number of days in a row than he'll earn some great reward. Chuck E. Cheese let's you print reward calendars off their website. I'm thinking I'll use one of those and see what happens. I'll keep you posted!


Angie said...

It seems like today was a better day for Brandon!! I don't think that you have to worry much about fighting him every day. It's just a lot to get used to--especially every day. I remember when Ethan went to 1st grade he would come home just exhausted. He also went through a little phase that after every extended school break (like Christmas or Spring Break) he would cry and not want to go to school the first few days, but then he would get over it.

As far as sending sick kids to school, my rule of thumb has usually been that I only keep them home if they're feverish or have recently thrown-up. That way you know they're not faking!! (Well, or pink eye, or a really really bad hacking cough that sounds like it would get everyone else sick. But a lingering cough . . . I send em.) I can see why you wanted to err on the side of keeping him home, though. Especially with our little Kindergarteners. I sent Elise once during Kindergarten when her stomach hurt, and a few hours later got a call that she'd thrown up all over her desk. So, the plan isn't fool proof :-)!! But that's the only time it's happened.

Oh! And thanks so much for Ethan's card. He loved it, and we could tell that you really tried to make it "his" with all the cryptozoology stuff. Thanks so much!

Laurie said...

The reward chart (my train track one) that I did for Clayton to get ready happy has worked well. I bet you will see results. Good luck!``