Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Random tidbits

Nothing really big has happened lately, so I've taken a couple days of from blogging. I still don't really have anything big or exciting to say, so this is just a random collection of thoughts.

Brandon and Whitney usually play really well together. When Whitney was first born, Brandon was REALLY gentle and careful around her all the time. It was so cute. Then when she started walking, he got a little rough with her sometimes. Now I find that she gets rough with him more often than the reverse. I find myself telling her not to hit, bite, or pull his hair fairly regularly. The other day I overheard this conversation:
Whitney: "Brandon, do you want to play princess with me?"
Brandon: "Sure. Do you want to be Belle or Cinderella?"
That was a shocker. Usually if they are playing well together it's because they're having lightsaber duels, playing with playdoh, or coloring. I don't think I've EVER heard B agree to play princesses before. And I haven't heard it since, either. Maybe it was a fluke.

Whitney on the lion

Brandon on the wolf

We went to the zoo this week with some friends. We had a really good time. The weather was overcast, so it was pretty comfortable to be outside. It was still really muggy, though, so we all sweat a lot. The zoo here is almost TOO big. I feel like I want to see it all, but it's just about impossible to fit into one day, especially with little kids. My favorite things were the sea lions, puffins(have you ever seen them swim underwater? They look so cool!), and the baboons. Whitney's favorite part was the giraffe. I think that's because it's the last animal we saw. Brandon's favorite parts were riding this awesome carousel and the baboons. He's convinced they have pink buckets on their bums to go to the bathroom. They both also LOVED the bus (shuttle) that took us to the parking lot at the end. It's funny how excited they get over something that might seem so mundane to me.

One of the funnest parts of the day around our house is when Andrew gets home from work. It was kind of sad when Brandon was really little because he was quite the mama's boy and he would really get excited when his dad got home. I felt bad for Andrew. Well, the kids make up for that now. You should hear them squeal with excitement and run to the front door when he gets here. It is so cute. Brandon usually asks him to go outside and play baseball, volleyball, or frisbee. Whitney usually asks him to read her a book or to do a circus trick like the one pictured above. Isn't that impressive? Maybe there could be a future career here....or maybe not.

Brandon had his 5 year old check-up at his doctor's office today. Everything went well. He got his immunizations last year before he started preschool, so he didn't have to get shots. He was SO relieved to hear that. But they did have to do a finger stick to test his blood. He was very reluctant, but they use a good distraction technique where they had me holding a basket of stickers and the nurse told him to choose three that he liked while she gave him a "little boo-boo" on his finger. He asked if it would hurt and I told him, "Probably for just a second." He was eagerly looking through the basket and when he got pricked he said, "That didn't hurt." He is 44 1/2 inches tall and 44 1/2 pounds. Isn't that funny? Whitney is almost exactly like that too--she's about 35 pounds and 35 inches. Anyway, he's in the 75th percentile for both height and weight. He's a big, well-proportioned boy.

At church, our ward is putting together a roadshow, a little musical comedy play. It looks like both Brandon and I are going to be in it. It is cute and fun and only about 10 minutes long. We have practice twice a week every week for the next two months. Wow, that's a big commitment for a 10 minute production! It should be a fun experience. And for anyone who's interested, the performance will be on Saturday, October 21st at 6 pm.


The Hiatts said...

"There's no business like show business...."
G&G Hiatt

Grandma Sweat said...

Hi there NC Sweats, parents of movie stars-in-the-making - Whitney looks like a starlet with her bangs cut - and Brandon is still Mr. handsome and unbreakable - Andrea, thanks so much for making it so easy and exciting to stay connected to the daily experiences of your fam - and Andrew, I'm so impressed with your flexibility in that picture! We're on our way up to Park City tonight to celebrate 35 years of wedded bliss......


Dave said...

You have more to say in one "random collection of thoughts" than I could think of in a week. Great pictures!

Eastern Oregon Reader said...

"You can always tell a lady
by her delicate air,
but a genuine princess is
exceedingly rare."
Lyrics from "Once Upon a Mattress"