Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Reality check

You know what I just realized???

This little munchkin is going to be starting school this week!!

Ok, of course I knew this day was coming. But how did it get here? I'm having such mixed feelings right now. All summer I have just been excited for him to start. I think he's well-prepared and I think he'll enjoy school. He is pretty good at making friends and is not at all shy. He's confident and intelligent and creative. I'm sure he'll do great.

What I forgot to think about is the changes that this will bring to our family. No more spur-of-the-moment trips in the middle of the week. [Not that we did this very often, but especially when Andrew travels for work, I love to get away!] No more playing at Chuck E. Cheese at 10 am when the place is empty. No more playgroups with Brandon's friends. No more mid-morning trips to the mall to play in the toy store and arcade.

Intead of those things, we'll have homework. and projects. and deadlines. and report cards.

And the summer went by SOOO FAST!

Of course I'll still be able to do the fun things with Whitney during the day and she does have a good set of friends, so we'll have a blast. But...the routine of our family will never be the same. We'll need to have Brandon ready to go by 7:15 every morning and make sure we're home by 3:15 every afternoon. (That one shouldn't be a problem since Whitney still takes daily afternoon naps.)

So, while I celebrate this milestone for Brandon's sake, I'll also mourn the loss of a carefree lifestyle that we've enjoyed for the past five years.


Grandma Sweat said...

Hi there - When I looked at this picture of Brandon I could still see traces of the way he looked when he was just a baby, and also a glimpse of what he will look like when he's a man - it's an interesting moment in time. We had a bumper crop of kids the year Jonas and Brandon and Reagan were born and now they're all kindergarteners. Just think, in that amount of time again they'll all by in 5th grade - it does fly by.
Love you,

The Hiatts said...

"Time flies on wings of lightening..."
Think about the changes in
Brandon's routine!
Great pics, especially the one of all of you at the beach.
Grandpa Hiatt

Anonymous said...

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in beautiful, secluded, isolated
Northeast Oregon?

Amy said...

I'm excited for Brandon (and Jonas and Reagan). I think school is so much fun and all the little kids look so cute with their backpacks that are the size of their whole body! I must admit though, the life of a stay-at-home mom with no deadlines is pretty nice. This is the first time since I was 5 that I haven't had school and it's a whole different world.

Jayne said...

Can you believe that this moment has actually arrived?