Monday, August 28, 2006

Great weekend, rough 2nd day of school

We had such a fun weekend together. On Friday night, the movie CARS got to the dollar theaters, so we took both kids to see it. (Their third time, Andrew's first.) It was fun to sit through a movie all together as a family. That was a first. I commented to Andrew that if we're going to have more kids, we better not wait too much longer because we could get very comfortable in our non-baby stage of life. He wasn't convinced.

I had the best idea for Saturday morning. Usually we go on our dates on Saturday nights, but it was Standards night for the young men and women at church, so Andrew needed to go to that as well. So, I decided to get a babysitter in the morning. I wanted to rent a canoe and go out on a little lake near our home. Doesn't that sound like a fun idea? Well, we drove to the park where the lake is and the whole thing was closed to the public. It looked like someone might have rented to whole park for a party or something. Bummer! I guess I should've called beforehand, huh?

We had brought our tennis gear along in case something like that happened. So, we went to a different park to play tennis instead. I already had the camera, so we tried to take some action shots before we started the game. It was fun. Andrew beat me, like usual, but it was close.

Watch out for that backhand!

Mine is much less foreboding. :)
I think I'll be lucky if that makes it over the net and in bounds.

Andrew spoke in church on Sunday, so most of his afternoon was spent working on his talk. The kids and I just hung out around the house while he was at Standard's night. Then we had some friends over to play games after we put the kids to bed. We often play 25 Words or Less with them, but decided to try Taboo this night. It took some time to catch on to the fact that you can use as many words as you want in Taboo as long as you don't say that specific words on the list. We found ourselves giving one or two words clues a lot.

Andrew did a great job on his talk on Sunday. He's an awesome public speaker. And church was not even as hectic as usual, so that was sweet.

Sunday evening, some friends invited over for dinner. That is always such a treat. Good food and good company. They are big Settlers of Cataan fans, so we played an abbreviated game before we left. I won! Yippee!

Last night before he went to bed, Brandon made the comment that he didn't want to ride the bus. He wanted me to pick him up from school. I was confused because he said he loved the bus when he got home on Friday. I asked him why. He said he just wanted me to. I told him that Whitney would be napping when he came home, so he should just ride the bus. (What a sympathetic mom!)

Then this morning at around 6:15, he came into my room and said, "Mom, I'm sick. I need medicine." What's wrong? "I have a fever." I felt his head and he felt fine. "My stomach hurts. I need some of that bubble gum medicine." I didn't know whether to believe him or not. I felt like he might've been making it up! So, I talked to him about how important it is to be in school every day. And how he'll have to make up the work that he misses. And how he won't get to sit around watching movies all day, he'll have to stay in his bed and rest or read books if he's really sick. He decided to get dressed for school. But then as he was sitting on the couch putting his socks on, he really looked sick! He wasn't acting like himself at all. So, I decided he really was telling the truth and told him he could stay home. He took some books and went to bed. About half an hour later, I found him in the playroom with Whitney. I said, "Oh, I guess you're ready to go to school, huh?" And he said, "Yep." How confusing!!! Was he really sick or not??? I still don't know. But I ended up taking him to school. And getting dirty looks from the office staff and his teacher's assistant, who probably both classify me as a big slacker mom now. He's been gone for 4 hours now and I haven't got any calls about him throwing up, so I'm assuming he's ok.

Just when I feel like I'm starting to get the parenting thing down, something like this happens. I had no idea what to do. I wanted to trust him, but wasn't sure. But after seeing how he looked completely fine when I walked him into school, I'll have a really hard time believing him next time this happens. Hopefully it will still end up being a good day for him.

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Quick, tell us !!!
Did Brandon have a good "part day"?