Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Laid back holiday weekend

I am normally the one in our family who keeps us busy. I love to be on the go and especially like to take advantage of Andrew's days off to have family adventures. Not this weekend. We had a very relaxing, mellow weekend. And I loved it! :)

On Saturday morning we worked on the yard. It was badly needed.

Saturday afternoon we went to the water park for the last time this year. I'll miss it! It wasn't really hot outside, so the kids were kind of wimpy about being in the water. So, we only stayed about 2 hours, but that was fine. Andrew watched the kids for a little while and let me ride two of the scariest rides there. They were so fun! One was a 76 foot drop straight down. And the other was an enclosed tube that wasn't quite as tall, but had twists and turns and went REALLY fast. Both got my adrenaline going. Awesome.

We'll miss the water park!

Look at me!

Brandon loves the Scooter Run--
a slide you go down on this tube.
He can do it all by himself!

When the kids' lips started turning blue, we decided it was time to go. :) We rented some movies on the way home. Whitney picked Snow White. Wow, there were some scary parts in that. "Bring her heart back to me in this box." Oh, gross. That's almost as graphic as the scriptures! (Which I've realized more and more how graphic they are now that we read them with Brandon.)

Sunday was just the usual church routine.

On Monday we were planning to go back to the water park, but the weather didn't cooperate it was overcast and cool and sprinkled in the morning. I could just envision the kids having another miserable outing, so we skipped that. We finished watching Snow White. During Whitney's nap, we took Brandon outside to try to teach him how to ride his bike with no training wheels:

He did so awesome! But he's still scared of riding that way. Andrew helped get him started several times and he could ride for 10-15 seconds on his own. At the end, Brandon said, "Ok, let's put the training wheels back on." Andrew thinks they're off for good. We'll see what happens next time he wants to ride his bike. Andrew made a cool little movie of our attempts and tried to upload it to YouTube, but it isn't working right now. If we can figure it out, I'll post a link.

Brandon again tried to tell me he was sick this morning and didn't want to go to school. I took Jayne's and Angie's advice and sent him since he wasn't running a fever or throwing up. So far, no call from the school, so I'm thinking he was ok. His last couple of days at school have been better, but his teacher said he has a real problem with not listening the first time he's asked to do something. Isn't that normal five year old behavior? He hardly ever listens the first time at home. I guess we need to be more insistent about that. I am used to asking him to do something AT LEAST three times before it actually happens. We'll see what today brings.

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