Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Shopping and lunch--life is good

Now that Whitney is progressing in her potty training, I had to restock my potty prize jar. In theory, I don't believe in using food as a reward. But it's just so darn easy to say, "If you use the potty, you'll get a piece of candy..." So that's what we've been doing for the past couple of (unsuccessful) months. I prefer to use something like this:

Cheap little trinkets that are not food.

We went to Big Lots, Tuesday Morning, and the dollar store yesterday and got a pretty good stash. And the prizes are working--Whitney stayed dry ALL DAY yesterday. What a big girl. I am SO proud of her. While running our errands, she also proved that she is quite a bargain shopper herself! She wanted PlayDoh. Yes, her grandma just brought some for her when she visited, but Whit always forgets to put the lids on, so it doesn't last very long. We looked at Big Lots, but couldn't find anything under $2, which is all the fun money she had left. At Tuesday Morning she found this:

It's just one tall jar that was all by itself.
There was no price tag. We took it up to
the register and they said she could have it
for TEN CENTS! That's a bargain!

In between our shopping trips, we stopped at Brandon's school to have lunch with him. It's so fun to see him there, looking like such a big boy. And he always gets excited to see us, too. It was Johnny Appleseed's birthday yesterday, so all the kids had these "pans" on their heads.

Brandon Appleseed

Last time we went, he was at a table with all boys, but yesterday he was sitting with all girls. They were so cute and fun to visit with.

I don't know if the teachers like it when we go to lunch with B, though. They're supposed to be silent for the first 10 minutes of lunch, so the kids will eat. But the teachers are very vague about this rule. They don't tell the kids when 10 minutes is up, so they usually just sit there ignoring each other the whole time. How boring is that? So we had fun talking and laughing with the kids at our table. I hope the teachers don't ban us from coming back.

The other exciting thing I did yesterday--I went to an adult transfer student information session at a local university. I've decided I want to go back to college and finish my bachelors. This movie quote from Tommy Boy comes to mind, "A lot of people go to college for seven years." "I know. They're called doctors." I was in school for 5 1/2 years, but all I have to show for it is an associate's degree. I've always thought I'd go back and finish, but have just kept putting it off. I feel like now might be a good time. So I got some good info from the session last night and I'm also requesting some details from BYU's online program. We'll see what happens!


Sandy said...

I truly dislike potty training...luckily 2 are done, and the third won't be ready for a while! Hang in there, its tougher on Mom (and the carpet) than on the kid:) And by the way, kindergarten sounds really fun! I guess being around Brandon's class has rubbed off on you, huh? Good for you for going for your degree:)

Amy said...

I'm very impressed with you wanting to finish your Bachelor's, especially since you can make good money with the degree you have. What would you get your Bachelor's in? Are you still keeping your hygiene (spelling?) lisence updated? I'm not worrying about my teaching one right now because if I ever teach again, all the requirements will be so different that I might as well wait until then. I am having a fun time tutoring though. How many credits do you need for your Bachelor's?

andrea said...

I'm still not sure what I'll get my degree in. I just want to finish the fastest way possible. BYU offers a Bachelor's in General Studies for students like me who didn't finish. I think I'd only have about 33 credits left to finish that--with an emphasis in Psychology of all things!

Yes, I've stayed up-to-date on my Dental Hygiene license in AZ. We have to renew every 3 years and it costs a ton--I think it was around $250-275 last time. I just feel like I want to have something to fall back on if anything happened to Andrew. That sounds terrible, but it's true. I would be SO out of practice if I had to go back to work, but at least all the paperwork stuff would be taken care of.