Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fun Saturday, Lame Date, Good Sunday

We had the funnest afternoon yesterday. We went to a local park where they had a little festival-type event. They hold it annually and this was our second year going. The kids have a blast, and we like it, too. Ok, Brandon and I had a blast. Whitney and Andrew were both tired. He had a temple trip with the youth from Church in the morning. I think he left the house around 6:30. And he got home around noon, so Whitney missed her nap. But they still had a good time.

We did a little tag-team parenting because the kids wanted to do very different activities:

Brandon thought this big inflatable slide was pretty cool.

It turned out to be about the slowest slide ever.

He was also very BRAVE and tried the rock climbing wall.

He made it over half way up--even though he was in bare feet.

Pretty impressive, huh?

Whitney enjoyed the craft table--making this "bug" hat

and gluing sequins and googley eyes on a paper gecko.

And she also loved riding the little train and the carousel

with her daddy.

And they had some tribal drummers there with

empty chairs where you could join the circle. The kids

got really into it--very cute.

Last night was date night and we went on our favorite date--tennis and Sonic. It was terrible. I don't know what was wrong with us, but we looked like we had never played tennis before in our lives. I was embarassed! I kept thinking, I hope no one is secretly filming this because they would have some pretty good blackmailing material. I felt completely uncoordinated. It was crazy. One of the bad things about it was you can't really get a good workout from tennis if you can't rally back and forth more than 2 hits! I told Andrew we're going to have to take a break from tennis next date and try again in a couple of weeks.

Today church went really well. My friend, Nicolle, is still travelling the world, so I was on my own in Sacrament meeting. Luckily the kids were good. And Primary was very non-stressful, too. So I am having a very happy day.

To top it all of, Whitney is starting to potty train herself! Knowing the long road that potty training is, and how much I DON'T like it, I have not put any effort into training her yet. She's showing some of the signs of being ready, but I just don't want to face it. Well, yesterday, she told Andrew she needed to go potty and she peed! Wow! That's awesome. Then today after church she told me she needed to poop and, sure enough, she did it! Yippee! That was a first. I guess I'll have to start putting some effort into this and maybe we can have her potty trained by Christmas. Then again, don't keep your fingers crossed. :)


g & g hiatt said...

Brandon and Whitney:
Buddy Rich would be proud of you;
so would Gene Krupa.

Andrew & Andrea
Hey, at least the tennis game was a love match, right?

Greg & Nicolle Sherwood said...

Hi Andrea,

We made it home safely and managed to stay awake until 8pm last night, but we were both up by 4am this morning... I guess we'll need a little time to adjust. I loved catching up on your blog. Thanks for all of your great comments on ours! See you soon,

Grandma Sweat said...

Andi, you ought to use reverse psychology with Whitney and tell her she can't use the potty chair until she's bigger and I'll bet she would be potty trained in a day, although it sounds like she's on the way anyway. That's awesome. Love dthe drumming pictures. Re: my dad's comment - google Buddy Rich!!
Love and miss you all - I am typing recipes into a database for the ward cookbook we're working on, and one of the soup recipes keeps mentioning "a whole chicken" over and over and it makes me laugh.

Laurie said...

Wow! It's taken me a long time to comment. I think my comment got deleted the other day b/c my connection went down in the middle. Anyway, I will rewrite.

Tennis sounds like such a fun date. I think that's neat. Even if you did poorly. I love tennis. Haven't been playing lately though. My dad and I used to play a lot.

Whitney's interest sounds promising. Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

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