Thursday, September 28, 2006

Best husband ever

(The title is supposed to be read in the voice of the comic book guy from the Simpsons!)

Andrew has been gone for 4 of the last 5 days. First he had that scout training and then he had a business trip. We've missed him! But at least it's getting easier to take care of the kids on my own now that they're older. Or maybe I'm just used to it more because he's gone so often for church. :)

Anyway, he did the cutest thing for us before he left for his business trip. He went and got two little gifts for each of us--one to open each day that he was gone. The kids thought that was great. So did I. I got cheesecake one night. mmmmmm.....cheesecake...

The kids got silly string as one of their gifts.

They had never seen silly string before and it was a hit! The spray button was a little too hard for Whitney to push, so I had to "help" her squirt Brandon. :) They giggled uncontrollably. It was so fun...and messy.

Another day Whitney got these two HUGE balloons.

You can definitely tell she has an older brother. The first thing she said when I blew them up: "Let's have a light saber fight!" and proceeded to make the light saber sound effects.

I was very happy to have Andrew come home last night. Hopefully he'll stay a while this time.

Whit and I went to story time this morning. We had a cute conversation about it over lunch.
Me: What were the stories about at story time today?
W: I don't know.
Me: They were about feelings, remember? What are some of the feelings we read about?
W: Happy.
Me: That's right! What's another one?
W: Sad.
Me: Very good! Do you know any other feelings?
W: Fish.



G and G Hiatt said...

We're with Whitney.
Fish have feelings, so ---

Great gifts from Andrew,
especially the cheese cake.

Laurie said...

Cute idea. I oughta recommend that to John (who has also been gone a lot recently). :-)

Sandy said...

How fun! Hopefully the cheesecake helped lessen the blow of being a single mother for a few days:) Those little gifts are so cute. I think I feel fishy today...and its only 8am. I have a long day ahead of me;)nn

Sandy said...

sorry, my son added that little "nn" to the end of my post - that doesn't mean anything in blogger language ("not now", maybe?)

Amy said...

I can just imagine Brandon with silly string. I bet he loved it!