Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bargain shopping

I just had to share some of the great bargains I've found this week. I'm so proud of myself. :)

I was at Borders, looking for a gift for a baby shower
and I found these in the bargain section.
Retail Price: $138.98
(I don't see how ANYONE would pay this
much for these books, but the Celine Dion one
retails for $60 and Liberty and Freedom for$50!)

Price I paid all together: $17.96
Saved: $121.02

For the baby shower, I wanted to get my friend
a few good board books. She's a big reader and
I thought she would appreciate them.
Here's what I found at Borders:

None of them were on sale.
Price: $22.85
I thought this was outrageous and knew
I could find a bargain somewhere!

I went to Ross and found these FIVE board books:

Total price: $19.45
That's more like it!

The Disney Store has some fun things on sale right now, too.

Retail price for all of this: $50.00
(Again, who pays that much for this???)
Price I paid: $19.96 total
I've stashed them away in my closet,
most likely to be used as Christmas presents.
Too fun!

Where do you usually find the best bargains? Found any good ones lately?


Sandy said...

Why can't I find bargains like that? Oh, I know...there aren't any stores where I live!! My bargain shopping was limited to 10 minutes in an Old Navy yesterday (3 hours away) where I ended up with 11 shirts, one pair of shorts and a baby bathing suit for $50...I did you proud:) We LOVE Sandra Boynton books and Goodnight, Moon...good job on the book selection -- gotta love Ross!

Anonymous said...

Looks like some good buys!!

But now I already know what I'm getting for Christmas!!!!


PS I think the slippers might be a bit too small :)

Amy said...

I'm very impressed with your bargains. Dave and I love bargain shopping. Our favorite is to go out to eat for $5 or under for both of us. We used to go to Fazoli's and eat pizza, lasagna, spaghetti, breadsticks, and a drink for $3. We just got back from yard sale hunting where I like to get books for 25 cents. Although, you can't get board books that way because babies like to suck on them too much. We are getting a good amount of older kid books though. My most recent find was at Aeropostale where I got 2 polo shirts and a sweater for $25 and they're way cute!

andrea said...

Sandy--that's amazing what you got for $50 at Old Navy. You gotta love their clearance and sales. Once I got 3 black skirts for $12. I know, I know. Who needs THREE black skirts. But, hey, it was $12!!!

Dad, hope you're not too bummed that you already know what your present is going to be. Your a big fan of the Incredibles, right? (Or were you hoping for the Little Mermaid?) You'd have a pretty big fight with Whitney over that one!

And, Amy...very impressive. Both of you can eat out for under $5??? Oh, wait, that's because you both weigh under 100 lbs. Maybe not quite, but pretty close! :)

Sandy said...

I once bought 2 of the exact same white button-down shirt (at Old Navy) because they were 2 bucks and I knew the kids would do something yucky to them. You know how many times I have needed my "spare" shirt because the other one was wrinkled or lost??

Dave said...


Laurie said...

Great bargains Andi! I'm impressed. You've further inspired my desire to be a bargain shopper. I always enjoy seeing these things/getting ideas/tips. I'm going to post on the bargains I just got in the next day or two.

Jayne said...

I saw that Celine Dion book in Borders. I didn't open it and look through it, but I wondered what was the point of the green hair on the baby?

andrea said...

It's an Anne Geddes book, so the babies are all dressed in flowery costumes. I guess that baby on the cover is just starting to bud or something???

Grandma Sweat said...

Goodnight Moon is my favorite book - although I didn't know it existed when Andrew was a little boy - we loved "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" and "Where the Wild Things ARe."

My favorite bargain shopping is Tuesday Morning - where I buy things I don't know I need until I see them, and also fluffy hand towels.

Grandma Sweat

Barbara said...

Okay - I've looked at Celene Dion long enough - time for an update!

T-Boar said...

So here is Cindy and I's bargain shopping...I decided I wanted to get Cindy into snowboarding this year (since she turned into the master wake-boarder this should see how tough she looks with her hand on her jacket ready to plug her nose!). Anyway, I decided to stop by the D.I. (the Deseret Idustries for those who have never indulged in fine shopping) to see if any punk kid had dropped off a board and wha-la! On my first trip there I found a sweet board, exactly her height, with Burton bindings none the less for 20 bucks! (retail easily $200). I then scored her some brand new, still in the bag and box boots for five bucks (retail $200...price tag still on them)...God Bless America!

andrea said...

Wow, Tony! Very impressive--especially for the only guy that has checked in.