Friday, September 08, 2006

Quick Update

Barb and Dennis(Andrew's parents) got in last night. They're visiting us for the next week and we're all SO excited! Should be a blast.

When we first moved in, I painted Brandon's room red. But just the bottom three feet or so of the walls. Then I got this awesome old school sports border that my mom helped me put up in the middle of the wall, where the paint stopped. BAD IDEA. Brandon slowly started picking at the border and eventually it was all torn to pieces like this:

I realized after the fact that this wasn't the best perspective,
but too late now. Sorry! I think you can still get the point.

I was so annoyed with my cool wallpaper getting ruined that I haven't bothered fixing it for the last two years. :) I finally decided to do something about it this week. I worked really hard scraping off all the leftover wallpaper bits from the wall and then I taped off a little section and painted it navy blue. I think it turned out pretty well, but wish I had taped off a slightly more narrow section. It looks a little disproportionate.

The finished product.
Thanks to Carson for the cool Yoda poster!

They held another Parent's Orientation meeting at Brandon's school last night. It was good to talk to his teacher a little more. Brandon is doing a lot better at school. I think (knock on wood) that he might be over the worst of his behavior problems. He has gotten 3 smiley faces in a row so far on his calendar from his teacher.
I'm still a little worried about him, though. I was talking to him yesterday after school and asking him about playing on the playground. Who did you play with outside today? "Nobody." You played by yourself? "Yes." What were you doing? "Climbing on the fire truck. That's my favorite." What was everyone else doing? "Other stuff." He now knows the names of most of the kids in his class, but he never talks about being friends with anyone specific. In preschool, it was a much smaller class, but he latched on to his best friend within the first week and they are still good friends now. I hope he finds someone there. He also mentioned he had to sit by himself on the bus the other day. His friend down the road didn't even sit with him. That's no fun!

The mornings have still been rough. He doesn't like getting up and ready, but then after school he's always excited. He tells me likes it. I guess he's just more tired in the mornings now that he has such long days. One thing that his teacher mentioned yesterday was that they had originally planned rest time for right after lunch. But the kids in that class are real sleepers! I knew Brandon was, but I thought that was rare for kindergarteners. So for the first week, the kids would fall asleep during rest time and then the teachers couldn't wake them up when the half hour was up. They ended up moving rest time to the end of the day, so they could wake them up and tell them it was time for them to go home. How funny.

Wow--this ended up being a not-so-quick update.


Eastern Oregon Interior Decorators, LLC said...

The blue above the red is just the right amount; make it all look more solid (for a boy's room) than a thinner one would.

EOID said...

Make that
Eastern Oregon
Decorators, LLC

Laurie said...

I like Brandon's room the way you've painted it. I hope you are having a great time with grandparents around!!