Saturday, January 05, 2008

And the winners are...

Drum roll, please.

In third place, we have the entry from almost exactly a year ago, Jan 8th: Brandon's "marriage is bondage" social commentary.

In second place, from Oct 25th, we have the glimpse into the stimulating conversations between three- and six-year-old children with the crops/corn tutorial.

And the WINNER is the entry from March 23rd: Whitney's empty threat against her six foot six inch father, "Do you wanna piece of me?" Classic.

Apparently this size difference doesn't intimidate Whit.
We'll see what happens when she faces her first school bully.

How does the old saying go? Laughter is the best medicine? Thanks to Brandon and Whitney for giving us a healthy dose every month.

Thanks for your votes. Let's do this again next year.


Sandy said...

Great picture! I always take pictures of Jake holding the kids hand's and walking away from me - I have them at the beach, in the mountains, down the street, in the house...haha - its just a fun moment to capture:)

Natalie said...

That picture is so cute. And I would love to see what Whit does when she encounters her first bully. She would probably take them down.

Michael said...

I have a new entry for your next OOMB from Whitney yesterday:

"Michael, you can't have a lightsaber at church."

The Normal Mormon Husband said...

First, I think Whitney truly believes that she could take me down. Last night before dinner she said, "Daddy, let's wrestle!". I think she is just exploiting my bad back.

Second, how long has my rear end been that large? It's like Sputnik, that thing! Time to start doing some lunges or register for Rex-Kwan-Do.

Laurie said...

Your kids say the most random things. It's so fun that you record it all.