Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Name change?

For anyone who watched the American Idol premiere last night, you'll appreciate this.

Andrew was gone on a business trip and called me during a commercial break. He said, "How set are you on the name Caroline?"


Andrew, "Because Temptress is another option. What do you think?"

Cracked me up. Can you imagine? I mean Temptress was a super sweet girl, but how can you hold your beautiful baby girl in your arms and have THAT name come to mind?

I slept on it and think we'll stick with Caroline.


Laurie said...

Oh my gosh! Thanks for sharing all the recipes. John wants me to make the same recipes every week. I don't know if I can do it. I do like the idea of focusing on the same handful. I usually do that, but appreciate the new easy recipes. I like your taste.

Caroline - darling name. Temptress was a VERY peculiar name for a girl! They were very sweet to her.

carrie said...

i caught the premiere last night as well, and appreciate your blog entry and the chuckle. Ü

i think you have made a wise choice.

Tom said...

For more information on the name Temptress, I highly recommend a book called Freakonomics, if you have not already read it. I would loan you my copy, but it is with a lot of my other books now turned to ash from the fire last year.

Ang said...

Yes, yes, the name Temptress is truly unfortunate. I suppose it was between that and "Seductress"? The whole episode with her just made me so uncomfortable. Same with the guy who was singing really low, and the crazy girl with sparkles on her face. Actually, the crazy girl with sparkles made me kind of mad, because all three of the kids were watching and she was pretty out of control, even with the bleeping. And that crazy guy with the "no sex" song was bad news too. Sigh. Not as much a family show as I was hoping for last night! Maybe tonight will be better.

Sandy said...

That's hilarious! We turned it on right after the crazy girl who swore at the camera for 10 minutes finished singing. So we caught Jabba the Guy (ew), the "no sex" guy and the Princess Leia girl. Yikes. We liked the girl from Oregon (Washington?) who raises horses and cage fights...and the very last girl who I would be you money was a Mormon:)

MILtress said...

I watched American Idol from start to finish last night for the first time in my life and I loved it! One of my favorite moments was the clip where we met the twins that the adorable last girl takes care of - the one baby's smile was worth a thousand words!

Thanks for the great laugh! Gotta go - time for tonight's show. (Dennis just went to get a pizza for me, the sweetie :)

andrea said...

Ang--Andrew and I had that same exact conversation last night, "Remember when this used to be a FAMILY show?" Luckily on the east coast, it doesn't start until 8, so our early bird kids are already in bed. There were several things I would NOT have wanted Mr. Imitative B-train to see.

Sandy--The Mormon Radar was beeping loudly after that last blond nanny, wasn't it? I'm totally with ya. Married at 21, doesn't drink, smoke, or watch rated R movies? Sounds very familiar.

Natalie said...

Ah ha ha ha! Temptress is a great name! What would her middle name be Andrew? This really cracked me up. I am enjoying Idol so far...can't wait till the real competition begins!

Amy said...

I thought the exact same thing with Temptress. How can you hold a little baby in your arms and name her that?! And I also think that nanny girl who doesn't yet have kids or watch rated R movies sounded very Mormon. I couldn't believe they let that guy who wrote the song to Paula about "stalking" and "caulking" near her. She should've been very freaked out by him.

Ang said...

Okay, I just have to answer the question about Temptress Sweat's middle name. Because of course it has to be basketball related. So how about this:

Temptress Fist Sweat

(Only Sweat relatives will get this. Just know that my two younger brothers yelled "Fist" a lot when playing basketball :-)

Seth and Carrie said...

I also thought of the Freakonomics book when I saw that girl on American Idol. Can you believe that a name like that can get popular because of people mispelling and misunderstanding a popular name from the Cosby show? So sad... but amusing for us! : ) American Idol always cracks me up.