Sunday, August 24, 2008

We thought we could dance

So, Andrew and I were big fans of the show SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE this season, right? Well, when it ended, we were so bummed that we decided to bring it to life in our own living room! Andrew came up with the idea and I have to give him major props. He e-mailed some friends who are fellow fans and we all prepared dance routines and rocked the house. It was so much fun. If laughter adds eight years to your life, I will live to be a very old woman after this party.

By the time Andrew and I had finished choreographing our number, I was feeling pretty good about it...then we taped ourselves and watched it. Here we are on the night of the party. Take a look:

video The lifts are the best. What grace. What elegance. Um....or maybe not. I have a much greater admiration for all the real dancers. They are so flexible and strong! I was seriously sore from our two nights of practicing for this little number. Phew. Now I know why those dancers have such great bodies. Hey, maybe that could be my new weight loss off all the baby weight.

Whitney wasn't about to let a chance in the spotlight pass her by. Here is her contemporary interpretive dance:
This girl makes me smile.

Not to be out done, Miss Caroline was practicing dance moves in her sleep.
Trying to get a ticket on the hot tamale train.

Brandon must be growing up because he was too embarrassed to dance in front of our friends. He told me it was because he hadn't prepared a routine.


Kelly said...

Wow, I cannot believe we missed this. I am SO glad you taped it! We are so sorry we missed it! You are truly fantastic!

Destiny said...

What a fun night! You two should try out next year. You never know, you might make it on the show. Love Whits moves. She is a natural.

Ang said...

Hey . . . I thought you guys were pretty dang good! I'm mostly impressed that you 1. thought this whole thing up, 2. INVITED people, and 3. actually pulled it off. How fun!

Kiersten said...

What a fun idea! You guys looked great, you win!!!

The Giles Files said...

You're so cool. I would 've never thought about doing that. Then, you actually put your money where your mouth is so to speak, and did it! Way too cool!!!
On a side note, I can't believe how big sweet Miss Caroline is! Beautiful family.

Angelica's Family Adventures said...

That was great! So entertaining!
How fun! We are big fans of the show too. I'm still going through withdrawls!

The Normal Mormon Husband said...

Andrea - I am so glad to be your eternal dance partner. We might need that much time to one day pull off moves like the MC Hammer "typewriter" and the "IV Real" gesture.

Love, Your Nerdy Husband.

G & G Hiatt said...

Some good moves there, even if Andrew did occasionally look like he was going for a three pointer.
(Old habits?) Whitney was great.
Brandon is wise beyond his years, and Caroline is gorgeous.
With my hearing problem, it sounded like you were dancing to the theme from "Mission Impossible" but probably not.
As I watched the two of you I couldn't help singing (quietly, to myself)
"I got rhythm
I got music
I got my gal
Who could ask for anything more."
(See Gene Kelly's "American in Paris")
Although I have absolutely no idea what the term means, I assume it's positive, so "props to you all."

Anna Smith said...

Beautiful!!! Gouch and I enjoyed watching this more than you can imagine. Andi, you never cease to amaze me!!!!

Mom and Dad Sweat said...

Angie showed me this video clip this afternoon after Sunday dinner and then I just sat down again and watched it a second time - oh my gosh you guys - you will go to the celestial kingdom just based upon your creativity for good, clean fun. Loved Whitney's dance too - your dance was really good - maybe we can do a family one at Christmas?? But, as Angie mentioned when we watched it the first time, do you think dad would EVER do something like that? And the bad thing about it is he's a really good dancer....I'd be game to do it but I can't dance - too bad we can't put the two of us together and we'd have the perfect person (but then one really lame one too who got my dancing and Dennis' willingness to make a fool of yourself gene pools).
Love you all - miss you!!
Mom and dad Sweat

Megan said...

You guys so totally rock! :)

Natalie said...

This was such a great idea! I am so sad David and I missed it. Your routine was awesome! And Whit's was so cute! You should do this again sometime. I think Andrew's leap at the beginning of the routine was my favorite part. Nice.

Joey/Denny/Emma said...

You guys have more fun than anybody I know. You're really very good! Thanks for the smiles.

Sandy said...

You guys are freaking awesome! That was too funny - my speakers aren't working, so I don't even know what song you're dancing to (it makes it funnier that way)I don't think I could PAY Jake to dance in front of people. I don't think I could pay people to watch us, for that matter. Actually, in my current state of swollen pregnanthood, I'm not sure he could even lift me...and Andrea, maybe next time you could point your toes during the lift. Then I could raise your score to a 9.5:)

Vlazny's said...

We missed a good party. I think I'm a little to shy to dance in front of anyone. Your routine was great. Who won? Whitney is so cute! That girl knows how to have fun.

Dan and Marci said...

That was great! I'm sure I would be in the brandon boat and too embarassed to dance in front of my friends--Dan would probably be to embarassed to have me dance in front of our friends too. He's the one with rhythm in our fam! He cracks up cause the kids dance just like mom! Way to go!

Jayne said...

Andrea, I laughed so hard watching your clip...Watching that, I thought "I am so glad that she is my friend because she is so much FUN."

Destinee said...

Best party idea. Ever! How hilarious! Thanks for sharing the clips! Now I'm off to watch it one last time. That made my night! You guys are so fun!

Sandy said...

I just realized that I missed Whitney's dance...adding to our creepy family similarities...Heather dances quite frequently and her favorite move is the SAME little break-dancing floor-spinning number that Whitney did:) She calls it her "moves".

Julia said...

I love your moves...especially the opening sequence. You guys are awesome, brilliant idea.