Sunday, July 02, 2006

Busy Sunday

Erika and Jeremy Holmes, the newlyweds.
You can see Andrew in the background,
smiling because everything went smoothly.

Today was an exciting day for us. In addition to the normal Sunday busyness, Andrew was asked to perform a wedding for some of our friends. This was the first one. He had never even been to a wedding outside of the temple before today, so he was a little anxious and worried about overlooking some details and not knowing what to expect.

The wedding was held at some beautiful gardens. July is a hot and humid time of year for an outside wedding. On our drive to the wedding I passed one of those digital marquis thermometers and it said 93 degrees. Ouch. I bet this was the hottest day of the year so far. We were all sweating and ready to melt by the end. Thankfully, Andrew kept his remarks very brief.

It was a fairly small wedding and I was happy that we got to share this special day with Erika and Jeremy. We attended the reception afterward. It was very nice, also. We got to share a table with two other families from church. It was fun to visit with them. Andrew and I even got to dance to one song. That NEVER happens. I did find myself wishing I had found a babysitter, though. Whitney was actually really mellow. I guess waking her up from her nap to take her out in the heat can do that. But Brandon was his normal energetic, creative self. He doesn't understand the significance of a fancy dinner. So he was building towers out of the coffee mugs that were on the table, wearing his napkin on his head, trying to blow out the candles that were on the was exhausting.

After our super fun and busy weekend with Tony and Cindy, and then this busy Sunday, we are ready for a break. Andrew said he wishes he would've taken tomorrow off of work, too. But he has some things he needs to get done, so he'll just have to wait to relax until Tuesday, I guess.

Me and Andrew after the ceremony,
when he could breathe a sigh of relief.
Andrew ready to perform his first
marriage since being called as Bishop.

Whitney, the wannabe flower girl


Laurie said...

Definitely a journal entry! What a cool experience for Andrew. Great pics of you guys.

Amy H. said...

Tell Andrew Congrats on doing the ceremony! I think that'd be so hard to perform a wedding. I've only been to one outside the temple and it's so different. I guess there's a lot of new experiences you get when you become bishop.