Wednesday, July 12, 2006

We made it!

The road trip has been awesome! I've LOVED it. The kids have been great. The driving has been fine. We only got lost twice, and even then we weren't lost that bad. I can't wait to write all about our adventures, but it's 11:30 Utah time and I am beat! So, these pics will have to do for now.

I never knew how beautiful Colorado is!
I had a wonderful time driving through it.
This was a bighorn sheep viewing area.
We didn't see any, but I still loved the view.

We ate at McDonalds more than I'd ever wished for.

The kids had fun. (Do you like Whit's eyeball patch?) Thanks, Tony!

During our two-day rest in TX, my aunt and uncle took us sailing.

Too fun!

Another exciting stop--Tupelo, MS

birthplace of Elvis. Who knew?

We finally got to meet our new cousin, baby Jack!

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