Friday, July 14, 2006

Road trip: Day Two

Our second day on the road was less exciting than the first.

July 7, 2006

9:15 am Left Mississippi.

Lunch time We decided to stop at a state park in Arkansas for lunch. We happened to choose the lamest state park ever. We got pizza and followed the signs to this so-called park. The road turned to gravel and we still didn't see anything. We drove on the gravel for a while until we came to a camping site. We just pulled over there and laid out our blanket for a picnic in the woods. The kids were just happy to be out of the car for a little while. They hardly even ate the pizza!

Yeah! We get to stretch our legs!

4-ish pm We stopped for a treat at a Dairy Queen near New Boston, TX. This was the best DQ ever. They had a playland with a ball pit--which is one of Whitney's greatest pleasures in life. She giggles uncontrollably when she jumps in. It was another great break.

8:00 pm We hit traffic for the first time on the entire trip in Dallas. I figured we'd be late enough to miss the heavy traffic, but there were a couple of accidents causing back-ups.

8:30 pm We got lost for the first time on the trip. I swear Mapquest led us astray. Both my mom and I were looking for an exit number to get on a different highway and we never saw it. We had to call my Uncle Bill and have him get us to his house a different way. I don't think we lost that much time from our detour.

9:15 pm We arrived in Weatherford, TX, our next destination.

Total travel time: 12 hours
Distance travelled today: 592 miles
States passed through: TN, AR, TX

One of the other fun things I've been doing for the kids on the trip is giving them a couple dollars every day to spend on whatever junk they want. We don't drink pop at home, so Brandon has spent a lot of his money on that. Whitney has spent most of hers on candy. I wish they had some healthy choices for snacks at convenience stores.

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Andrew Sweat said...

Hey gang! The pictures of your zany adventure are so nice to see. I can relate with Brandon spending his money on pop since we don't have it at home. I bought 2 2-Liter bottles of Caffiene Free Pepsi yesterday. Another thing we don't have often at home is steak. So after a long day at Church today I came home and had marinated, grilled steak with Pepsi to wash it down. Mmmm...... Love you!