Saturday, July 15, 2006

Road trip: day three on the road

Me and baby Jack

Whit and B at a rest stop in CO
July 10, 2006

8:20 am Departed TX. Sad to say goodbye. Wish we could've stayed longer.

This was our longest day of driving. It took FOREVER and we didn't even make any fun stops. We hit some rain, which wasn't fun and we hit a couple of construction zones where the speed limit went down to 45 mph and for a while even 35 mph. I told my mom I felt like I could get out of the car and run faster than we were driving. Of course I haven't gone running once since the road trip started, so it wouldn't have lasted long.

We started to see the mountains toward the end of our drive. Mountains are beautiful! I kind of forget about that when I'm on the east coast.

10:30 pm Arrived in Colorado to stay with Amy(Andrew's sister) and Dave and meet their new baby Jack who is 4 months old. He was, of course, asleep by the time we got there, so we had to wait until the morning to meet him.

Distance travelled: 733 miles
States passed through: TX, NM, CO
Total time: 15 hours 10 minutes--now that's a long day!

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Laurie said...

Wow. You are now on this side of the U.S. That was a long drive! Thanks for the updates. I'm glad it's going well.