Saturday, July 29, 2006

Trip Summary: by the numbers

5442 Total number of miles travelled, including the three times we got lost and all our little detours.

48 Different state license plates we saw along the way--people from New Hampshire and Rhode Island must not travel enough. We even saw Hawaii and Alaska!

30 Friends and relatives that we stayed with and visited along the way. That REALLY made it worth it.

5 pounds I gained on the trip.

0 times I went running. (Most likely reason for the 5 pounds, huh? Oh, not to mention all the junk I ate.)

2 new tires. Doesn't that tire look TERRIBLE???
I even had them checked before we left.

20 states we drove through.

430 pictures taken.

4 times we saw what Whitney described as WHOLE CHICKENS!

2 times Whitney threw up. Gross.

3 times we left things behind after we'd stayed with family. Darn. Whitney was pretty upset when we didn't have her night-night last night because we'd left it in Louisville!!

$3.07 the most we had to pay for gas.
Missouri broke our record of never having to pay
over $3.00. This was the only time over the whole three weeks.


Amy, Dave, & Jack said...

Wow! Those are some great stats. We think you're insane, but it's a fun insane. :-)

We're glad you're home safe and had a great trip. Jack says hi!

Laurie said...

I love your numbers/stats posts. SO interesting. I hope you are regrouped at home.