Sunday, November 19, 2006

Brandon and Whitney update

Whitney has been getting all the publicity, but Brandon has not been forgotten around here. He started a new basketball season. His first practice was yesterday. He is the youngest one on his team. He barely qualified for the league by a couple of weeks. He is also one of the shortest--Andrew said there are several kids that are a whole head taller than him. (I was gone to Super Saturday at church and didn't attend the practice.) It could be a challenging season for him.

Andrew said he has a really good coach who is big on fundamentals and knows what he's doing.
They learned the difference between bounce passes and
chest passes and had to practice both.

He tried to teach them to dribble with their heads up.
Brandon is still learning that one.

They are also learning to shoot the right way--with one hand on the bottom of the ball, the other on the side, and follow through. Brandon made this comment to me, "They're teaching me to shoot the ball this hard way and it's very uncomfortable." I was so surprised. He was shooting the ball the right way from his crib when he was 1 1/2.

Check out these two photos:
They are from a scrapbooking layout I did.
I thought it was instinct. If so, I guess he somehow lost it along the way.
Oh, well. Hopefully it will come back to him. Otherwise,
I'm afraid he'll get frustrated this season.

As for little Miss Whitney...
Here is the swelling as of this morning.

I think she looks pretty good. You can obviously tell something happened to her, but I think she looks better than she did with the black eye! Although a little of the bruising is still left behind from that. She was pretty much back to herself today. She was running around and playing. Maybe a little more whiny than usual, but I don't know if I can blame that on the surgery or if it was just a bad day.

As far as the results, it can take up to six weeks for the muscle to fully respond to its new position, so we won't know how well the surgery worked until then. We go back to see Dr. Buckley on Tuesday, but I think that's mainly to make sure the incision is healing properly and to monitor for infection. We give her antibiotic drops and ointment in her eye. She's a trooper about that.


Sandy said...

I think you must have just barely posted this -- good timing:) I LOVE the photo of Brandon shooting the basket - how cute is that??!! Perfect follow-through on the basket, too! Wow. He had better form as a toddler than some of Jake's high school players had last year. We haven't taught Josh any basketball yet, although he does like to throw the ball into his little hoop. We've been working on correct stance and ball grip for football so far:)

Whitney looks great -- what exactly did they do during the surgery? Reposition the muscle? She's much less puffy than I would have expected. Isn't it amazing how quickly kids bounce back?

And hey, where's the whole scrapbook layout - what's this zoom in on the picture only business? I want to see the whole shebang!

Amy said...

I love those pictures of Brandon with perfect shooting position. When he's the starting point guard for the Lakers you know they'll be showing those pictures during half time specials on him.

Mom Sweat said...

The reason for the follow-up appointment tomorrow for Whitney is so she can see Dr. Buckley in person, since she was gypped out of it last time because of the anesthesia!

I love those pictures of Brandon - and he'll do great this year - it will be challenging but hopefully he'll have enough success along the way that it will be worth it.

I can't believe what a little guy Brandon was in those photos - but I do remember how amazing his perfect shooting form was - the Tiger Woods of basketball! I didn't even know you had to put rotation on the ball until Dennis taught me!

Anonymous said...

Brandon's going to be an awesome athlete--there's not two ways about it. You can tell it's in his blood, literally and figuratively. (When I ask Ethan if he wants to play competitive basketball he sighs and rolls his eyes. Although Jonas did want to sign up this year, so he'll be doing "Jr. Jazz" starting December. We'll keep you posted on how that goes!)
And I'm so glad Whitney's doing well. She's one of the strongest 2 year olds I know!