Thursday, November 30, 2006

Just some pics

When we went to Chuck E. Cheese's last weekend, Brandon got
these dollar sign glasses with his tickets. He needed to take some
"quiet time" on Saturday afternoon and he fell asleep just like this.
Yes, he's asleep in this picture. Cracked me up.

He is still WAY into NASCAR and was pumped
when he found out we got him this new ornament
for the tree this year. (Forgive my poor photoshopping
to take out the distracting pictures in the background!)

The tree is up! Whitney wanted to put the star
on the top this year...with Daddy's help of course.

The two cuties in front of the tree.
One of these years I'm going to have
to break down and buy a more decent looking tree.
We've had this one since we were in college.
Every year I think, "That thing looks so scraggly!"
Oh, well. It still makes us feel festive.

Whitney had a friend over to play today.
You can't get much more pink than this!
Gotta love little girls.

Oh, and take a close look at Whitney's eyes.
What do you think?
Andrew and I think her left eye points IN now,
toward her nose. It used to point out and this recent
surgery was supposed to correct that.
If this one didn't work, I think I'm giving up on Dr. Buckley.
(Don't tell Whitney I said that!)


Mom Sweat said...

That picture of Brandon made me giggle - and loved the pictures of Whitney in pink. I'm stunned that you'd give up on Dr. Buckley though! Do you think she needs one final teeny tiny tweak and then it will be perfect. I think she looks fabulous though.
Mom Sweat

Laurie said...

They are just adorable!

Anonymous said...

Whitney looks like she's about four. And I love Brandon in the glasses. Does it take a little while for the eye that's had surgery to relax? Maybe that's why it seems to be pointing in a bit. It's amazing how minutely our bodies are calibrated, don't you think? So many intricacies. But I think Whit looks great.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, in the picture it definitely looks like it is pointing in a bit, but without first-hand observation it is difficult to say. Perhaps the suggestion that it needs time to 'relax' is accurate.

andrea said...

Yes, it does take six full weeks to see the full effects of the surgery, so I'm hoping things straighten out by then. Still a little unnerving to see it pointing in like that.