Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A personal question

Do you have daily personal scripture study? If so, how do you work it into your schedule? In the mornings, evenings, middle of the day?

In our family, Andrew and I are really good at having couple scripture study. We read together every night before we go to bed.

I used to read on my own in the mornings. I would wake up before my kids and have 20-30 minutes to read and pray before I started my day. I loved it! I'm out of that habit now and am having the hardest time finding the right time to fit it in. I'm going to bed too late to wake up any earlier. So, I try to read at 2:30 in the afternoon when Whitney is down for her nap and Brandon is not home from school yet. Some days it works, but other days I find myself trying to squeeze too much into that nap time and my scripture study gets neglected. Just curious what works for you.


Sandy said...

I don't have too many good ideas for you since I'm in the same boat...when I do actually remember to sit down and read on my own, I'm never even sure what to study -- I have had a hard time lately getting going. One thing that was working for me before (and which I should probably do again) was studying using the "Teach my Gospel" book. I just went through each topic and looked up EVERY single reference and made notes all over the margins of the manual (I have done this with the B of M manual for institute/BYU, too). Its all pretty basic, but it got me in the scriptures with a purpose, and got me thinking about the basic principles in terms of teaching them to my kids. If the kids actually stayed asleep after Jake and I were up, I'd read then, otherwise during or right after breakfast for probably 15-20 minutes. I know it should be longer than that, but that's usually as far as I could get without someone needing help in the bathroom or spilling their cereal. Boy, maybe I should dig out the TMG manual and start tomorrow -- I didn't make it all the way through -- thanks for the kick in the butt:) I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else says - I need some motivating ideas!!

Amy said...

I'm not going to be a lot of help, but here's what I do. I usually read while Jack's down for his morning nap (around 10:00a.m.)This only works on weekdays since weekends we're usually out doing stuff. Sundays I count doing my primary lesson as my scripture study, is that bad? So I have no good ideas for you. Naptime seems to work the best for me.

Angie said...

I'm sketchy, at best. Having consistent scripture study has been one of my big failings. We've finally gotten to where we we read with the kids consistently--and a lot of it is owed to the fact that they got a chart in Primary in the summer and Jonas is a complete chart-boy. So he hounds us every night. He doesn't want to go to bed without checking the day off of that chart!
Okay, so when I DO read my scriptures, it's almost always at night, before bed. I've tried a few times to do AM reading, but I'm not disciplined enough, and the rest of my life is too crazy to find a time in the day where I stop and do it. Good excuses? No. But that's the truth!

Mom Sweat said...

Ways I've read the scriptures:

In my car at lunch in Wendy's parking lot
In my car at lunch in my work parking lot
Every night before I fall asleep when I'm on a roll - always the Book of Mormon - always and forever - I read it once a year.
Then lots of reading when I'm preparing a lesson or, like I've been doing this past week, working on a theme for Relief Society for 2007 and searching for ideas. We're using President Hinckley's good "Standing for Something" and teaching each of the 10 virtues for our Fast Sunday R.S. Presidency lesson - and then we added "Steadfast and Immovable from Mosiah 5:15 (King Benjamin's address). So, right now I just took a break from tying little red beads onto little black string to put on the ends of little laminated bookmarks to put into little green stockings to give to each sister. The Bookmarks are really cute (kinda skinny to fit into the stockings) and have President Hinckley's picture on the top and then "Standing for Something...Steadfast and Immovable" and then lists each virtue down the bookmark with a little red heart inbetween each one!.

Mom sweat

Laurie said...

It's hard, isn't it!?! I am impressed you are so successful with your couple study though. I think that's wonderful.

I am struggling with it and keep telling myself to pick one time I can commit to doing it. It's hard to use that nap time to sit and just ponder when you want to get so much else done. It's not completely distraction free, but I can read while the TV is on for 1/2 hour and/or while the kids eat breakfast.

I just love the Book of Mormon Made Easier books.

andrea said...

Well, if nothing else, at least I know that most everyone is in the same boat as me. :)