Wednesday, November 22, 2006

It begins....

Last year I was being a big baby about staying at our own house for Thanksgiving. It was the first time we had ever done it in our married lives. So, I convinced Andrew to do all the cooking. And he agreed. Wow--what a man!

This year we are staying here again, and I'm over my drama. So, I started the cooking today. Andrew is still helping a lot and will be in charge of the turkey.
This is a yummy jello salad half way done.
It is one of those things that I always had growing up and want to incorporate into our own holiday menu. It is strawberry jello with frozen strawberries and bananas in it. You let the bottom half set, spread a layer of sour cream on top and then pour the other half of the jello mixture on top. Does that sound gross? I always thought the sour cream part sounded yucky, but it tastes so good. Mmmmm.

I'm also following Dave's example and making a pumpkin pie from scratch. Right now I'm wishing that they had some sort of device to record smells--the way videos and photos record images or tapes and cd's record sound. I would love to capture the smell in my house right now. Those spices in the pumpkin pie just permeate the air in here. Delicious! And I don't know when this will happen again. Definitely not anytime soon.
I was not brave enough to attempt to make the crust.
I just bought a pre-made one.

Hope this works out!
(Brandon took this picture. It's always funny to me
to see how tall I look to him. I can't imagine what
Andrew must look like through his eyes!)


Amy said...

I'm very impressed with your cooking. I also have a husband who is willing to help with the menu and I'm very grateful for that. I know we wouldn't have pumpkin pie if he didn't make it (since I don't like it). All of our desserts would be chocolate if it were up to me. We're splitting the cooking up and will each do about half. Dave's parents fly in on Friday so we're having our Thanksgiving then.

Your Jello looks a lot better than mine. All I'm doing is plain-o Jello with Cool Whip. (-:

Is dinner just the four of you or is anyone coming over?

andrea said...

We have some friends from the ward coming over and then my cousin who is living in Virginia Beach will be coming, too. Very exciting.

Denny said...

Your Thanksgiving goodies look yummy. Way to make pumpkin pie from scratch. Have Aunt Julie tell you her story sometime about making pumpkin pie from scratch. Hope you have a great holiday!

Angie said...

We'll miss you guys tomorrow! Thanksgiving was always the hardest holiday for me to be away. Over the seven years we were in Minnesota, we only came out to Utah once (so I got a lot of practice making Thanksgiving dinner!). The funny thing is that now that we're back, we're having Thanksgiving here . . . so I'm still making Thanksgiving dinner! But I don't mind. It will be fun. There are going to be 12 adults and 10 kids 10 and under. Should be a full house! But we wish you could have been here, too.

Grandma Sweat said...

You pie and Jell-O look divine! It's Saturday morning after Thanksgiving and I'm HUNGRY again - want more pumpkin pie (ate the piece I got from Angie and Forrest's at 1:00 a.m. Thanksgiving night when I woke up having a hot flash and my subconscious knew it was in the fridge. I'm so weak.........

Isn't it cool (to quote Brandon, whose blog is adorable, if I may use that word do describe a 5-year-old boy's blog) how each year we learn and venture out try cooking a little bit more, and by the time our kids are old enough to remember anything, voila - we can cook and they'll never remember the Top Ramen years! You guys are the best. We love you and love reading all about your holiday and how generous you are to invite friends and family.

Mom Sweat