Thursday, November 16, 2006

Insurance hassle

Ok, so everything is supposed to be on track for Whitney's surgery tomorrow. I can call later this afternoon to get an arrival time for us. But, the annoying part I got a letter in the mail on Monday from our insurance company telling me that they are not going to pay for our last visit to Duke because they have no record of a referral from our PCP to Dr. Buckley. I called them and said, "Duh--we've been seeing him for the last two years. We don't need a referral every time, do we?" (Ok, I was nicer than that.) They informed me that a referral only lasts one year, so they needed an updated one.

After many phone calls between the insurance company and our ped's office, I think we've got it worked out. At least I hope so. It's scary to go into surgery tomorrow and not know FOR SURE if they're going to pay for it or not. I had to pass the buck to Andrew today because he can do conference calls and is better at demanding service in a nice but authoritative manner. They're supposed to call him back later today if/when things are completely resolved.

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Grandma Sweat said...

arghhhh, I hate insurance companies. If we were living the united order (tee hee) things would not be all about money. Your doctor would provide skilled care, Andrew would provide HR support, Forrest would oversee the sales force, well, it would have to get a new name - the happy provider force?, Dave would work on getting people into outer space, Tony would teach the gospel, and women would continue to do what we've always done - 10 million jobs that make it all worth it but never have been all about money :)

Our thoughts and prayers will be with Whitney and Dr. Buckley and you and Drew tomorrow.