Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Budding artist

Brandon has never really been into art projects. At least not the kind that you put down on paper. I think it takes too much concentration and sitting still. Well, he has finally gotten to a maturity level where he enjoys sitting (for a few minutes at least) and drawing or creating. He started on the computer a couple of weeks ago.
Here are some flowers.

And a football player.
Not bad, huh?

Then at school (since he is always one of the first to finish his work because he thinks everything is a race) his teachers will ask him to draw pictures on the back of the worksheets when he completes them. Yesterday he brought home this one:

A mummy and a princess kitty.
I was SO impressed!
Not sure why he colored his mummy costume blue.
I guess because white crayons just don't cut it.

Today he has the day off because of a Teacher Workday. We did our civic duty and voted this morning. Afterward, he was back in the playroom working at his little table. He came out with these three creations:

I had put a bunch of extra scrapbooking supplies into the playroom for the kids to use. He used stickers to make the skeletons and then embellished them. He told me that one was him, one was Jonas, and one was Ethan. Then he said, "Will you put these on your blog, Mom?" How funny is that? So, here you go.


The Hallstrom Family said...

This comment is for Brandon from Jonas and Ethan:

Brandon! How are you today? Did you have a fun time at school? How was it today? The pictures were kind of silly but they were cool too. And kind of disturbing. Ethan says, Brandon just may be a budding artist! But I think you would be best off starting with cubism. See you at Christmas.

This is from Aunt Angie: B-train, love the drawings! And the skates on the skeletons were way cool!

Sandy said...

Love it! My favorite is the mummy and the kitty:)

retired prof said...

No doubt about it, a future
Andy Warhol lurks within BTS.

Barb said...

I love the first drawing, of the abstract flowers - I think it's GREAT! I hope you save these Andrea, they're fun to look at in 10 years and beyond. I love going through the kid's "special drawers" and looking at things even to this day.

Mom Sweat